[NetBehaviour] virtual body vb

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Jan 15 18:37:22 CET 2007

virtual body vb
it made it up for a while I think - the same as the 48 meg but even more
look at the previous text for a description.
tools used were luma and chroma keying (both positive and negative),
positive and negative video echo, displaced overlays, expanded time,
hue shift, brightness/contrast changes, saturation changes. it took
far too long. i wanted the image to 'keep' through the changes but
lose the body and sexuality; i wanted the dance-movement of the wires,
the body shattered; i wanted a lot of things that might not have
happened; i still want a lot of things that won't ever happen. boohoo
i'm so sad for me
virtualbody @
as long as it lasts, as long as they let it up

if you haven't seen some of the other vids, check them out, they're short

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