[NetBehaviour] An apocryphal story

dymond at idirect.ca dymond at idirect.ca
Fri Jan 19 07:20:35 CET 2007

so I'm betting that after the Harpers article new members are wondering
what we are about.
In 1970, Dave Stoyenoff was kicked out of a garage band headed by Dave
D.S. decided that this wasn't enough.
Given the mercurial nature of the Toronto Art Scene, Dave S. wound up
playing organ for Richie Blackmoor.
In any lifetime that would be enough to ensure longevity, but as the fates
would have it,Dave ended up making slurpies for an entire generation of
post boomers.
But wait, the story has a happy ending.
On a sultry day in August 1983, Dave was approached by none other than
Steve Marriot from the Small Faces/Faces/Humble Pie.
The new supergroup would do covers of the great hits of the 60's.
D.S. was on the floor.
Could his dream finally be coming true?
They opened for Blondie in the Steetsville Arena, everything went great,
for every set they had two encores. Dave was higher than a kid on 5 grams
of MDA. Dave was better than any organist on this planet, or any other
that I know of.
It was beautuful.

Then the A and R guys came to the stage.
They said:
"You're out, yoru're in" and Dave was out...
Dave was devastated. He had written most of the scores for Blackmoor, been
the sound behind Marriot, and still... yes still..., he was told to fold.
Later , years later, Stoyenoff related to me the beginning of his downfall.

Apparently in 1970, someone had phoned his mother ands related a false
arrest. He was happy and well, but the phone call raised doubts in the
minds of his family..., they never recovered. Stupid people do stupid
things. You end up being the product of your environment.
YES, it was a practical joe, but Dave was never the same.
Bombs were dropped, regimes overwhelmed, yet Dave waited by his phone for
a simple refrain, and it goes like this:
Wait..., just a little bit longer..
Please please please please, tell me you are goin ta..,
Your Daddy don't mind..."

you know the Jackson Brown version, coninue on queue.

well I can't do everything.
The point here is, that yes it is sad to miss the boat, sadder still to
miss the movement..., but if you are too dumb to take care of yourself,
then you deserve to disappear.
Brutal ain't it!??!
But you know, you old boomers deserve to end your days now.

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