[NetBehaviour] i want to i want to die. old. my are want want i want to die. my skin i

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Jan 19 22:57:24 CET 2007

i want to i want to die. old. my are want want i want to die. my skin i
want to die. to dead from and try i old. from from old. to i want to die.
my words my i want to die. try dead words head. bones to old. my lead.
falls i'm my lead. drop dead are drop won't my my my my be you cold. my my
won't kill head. are dead drop yourself. be skin are from kill take drop
and my won't with kill from cold. drop with with lead. skin my yourself.
me take head. falls won't me me won't from drop with to me drop head. kill
to you there. words won't with grave you. lead. like with i'll the
yourself. lead. kill the your me won't won't with slave. i'll me won't
with your my you kill yourself. the is your you. kill me brain gone the
take with your sleeps my me me the and sleeps i'll you. me brain ill is
you take be ill ill your me the sleeps i'm and the you brain alone. i'm my
to be ill burn forever. i'll grave sleeps and joints is grave brain joints
every ill your your ill moment and gone your and sever. cancer i'm brain
brain joints up every sleeps brain ill gets churns joints gone sleeps
every day. cancer in and joints the day. and sleeps ill gets hell up
weather in sever. hell hell sever. ill joints day. never the joints i'm
gets never pay moment i'm sever. to i there's and burn the won't enough
gets burn gets enough sleep. to every every to continue won't churns every
the sleep. i never cancer gets enough over. i'll day. gets to i over. time
churns day. sleep. knife i hell churns time knife is i day. to fall
syllables over. pay there's sleep. syllables syllables sleep. to time
knife time knife time pay fall time no continue never sleep. begone
phonemes. suicide. won't i knife phonemes. for fall i i for and begone
i'll i'll begone vow phonemes. every i'll knife and moans no i fall for
murmurs vow is i syllables moans last for over. knife and constricted
moans syllables every for constricted constricted phonemes. is begone
murmurs heard last no suicide. and heard heard and syllables for
constricted rattle gargle for no moans rattle death vowels time and the
ago throat. phonemes. harder constricted i years murmurs phonemes. moans
years it heard and and the now. i gargle and constricted it wallow death
moans murmurs years history it throat. moans heard in no years last
constricted it cares wallow heard gargle years one cares i throat. heard
in there's history death i have there's there's it heard years cares time
one years death in for time wallow rattle have there's my for i ago cares
skin it. history ago in it. my there's it it there's skin skin no it one
folds bones time in in it. my my cares in there's fold bones it. no cares
my mind. bones it one it. creased mind. skin cares there's fold kill my no
it folds kill kill folds there's it. mind. no creased it. time fold no i
skin time folds me to please skin my creased think want fold my fold want
wake me my my me scared think bones my creased wake crawl no bones fold
want bed. up mind. fold me crawl bed. longer bones mind. wake and crawl
kill bones longer and buried to mind. me to ago bed. i please wake ago ago
wake me longer and become and longer i to become shall scared no wake i
anchor. long think to and anchor. weight to to crawl weight eyes i up up i
blind anchor. dead up and eyes eyes shall crawl to weight ears blind
buried crawl ago eyes deaf weight bed. and eyes ears. eyes ago dead weight
ears. ears. anchor. buried i ears to deaf shall long eyes to to eyes ago
weight ears. until my weight shall eyes until blood my become eyes leak
drain. i anchor. and ears. i i ears anchor. eyes i to to eyes eyes leak
bleed. i my eyes ears. to i blood eyes ears i to to i eyes to want drain.
i deaf ears. to want i to my i i want i i to want zero to blood want want
zero zero to to i want i i i blood want want i i until want zero call to i
drain. want zero to to drain. want to zero. zero to to zero i zero drain.
to i zero want i want want to i want to die. zero. want want zero to i to
drain. want zero. to want call i to want to zero want zero to to i want to
die. zero. call zero to to zero zero to to want to i to i i zero i want to
die. try zero call want to call to i want to die. zero. zero. i want to
die. i zero. want want to to to i want to die. i to to i to i want to die.
try i want to die. old. to are to old. my i want to die. and i want to
die. dead bones old. skin i'm skin are are from my my and my my dead drop
cold. my head. my lead. skin like drop from be from won't like drop kill
head. yourself. lead. won't yourself. like with you kill me won't take be
with with kill you kill with you. me the take the take me i'll you. your
with the be me my you your slave. the gone the is my be sleeps i'll sleeps
brain brain in slave. ill is sleeps weather brain alone. and ill i'm and
and sleeps joints alone. ill every in every joints alone. cancer i'm gets
and sever. up joints the sever. gets churns sever. hell every day. day.
cancer pay cancer to there's the time churns enough hell to i day. sleep.
to time sleep. to i never sleep. i'll time over. enough fall continue
sleep. is won't is i i syllables i'll begone over. knife begone fall for
every begone no knife phonemes. is harder for syllables vow syllables and
harder for moans no murmurs phonemes. and murmurs harder constricted avow
moans gargle and i vow constricted constricted moans death moans the
throat. gargle years last years i heard i throat. it the years have heard
wallow death it now. years no years history wallow have cares i cares in
in it now. there's history cares no in for one there's time one skin cares
it. for there's my it my it. for bones time fold skin folds my it. creased
folds fold bones folds kill my mind. mind. bones i bones me please creased
longer bones want kill me to mind. wake me longer wake me crawl no wake up
longer bed. want to scared wake buried think buried crawl crawl ago up i
bed. and i to weight dead i shall and anchor. buried and weight ago blind
ago eyes and weight eyes shall ears anchor. eyes ears and ears. my eyes my
eyes want blind ears. ears. eyes blood eyes leak i my i deaf i want to i i
to leak i want to i blood to bleed. i drain. i to i want want i want want
want call bleed. zero to want zero. want want i zero i i zero want to want
zero zero. call zero. to want want i to zero zero i want to die. to want
zero to i zero to zero. to to want want i want to die. try want i to i
want to die. to i want to die. i want to die.

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