[NetBehaviour] The field recording dedicated to Michael Snow

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jan 21 06:16:11 CET 2007

The field recording dedicated to Michael Snow


This is dedicated to Michael Snow, who taught me everything
an original field recording. The instrument is unusual.
Here for you is a new and different field recording
who is singing in a new and unusual way. If that is the case,
I had to know about field recordings. Field recordings
who made them come alive for me and I owe him gratitude.
You know, field recordings are both easy and difficult.
Without field recordings, past civilizations and tribes
to do. One might for example come across a very old person
and tuned unusually. I have not come across this before,
with the mysteries of humans and their various ways of life
are the very stuff of human culture and its explorations.
This is an amazing opportunity to hear
and make something that others may hear and sing and make,
a glory all their own, since they are replete, fecund,
of an older person playing an unusual instrument.
I love the field recordings and it was Michael Snow.
It should also be said that field recordings have
since the person can sing into the field recording
a kind of wooden stringed lute I had not come across before,
might never have found the light of technological day.
A field recording proves useful and exciting

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