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Brunhild Bushoff sagasnet at sagasnet.de
Sat Jan 20 12:13:15 CET 2007


sagasnet call for projects

Developing Interactive Narrative Content Seminar
April 29 ­ May 5 2007
Stuttgart, Germany
in conjunction with fmx/07
Working Language: English

sagasnet is a non-profit training initiative to further content ******
development for interactive media ************************************
supported by the European MEDIA 2007 Programme  **********************
designed for participants from MEDIA member countries ****************

During the Developing Interactive Narrative Content Seminar up to 10
pre-selected interactive narrative projects in development
(no limitation on media, genre or target audience) will be provided in
parallel with up to ten high-profile face-to-face consulting sessions
(on financing, project management, marketing, story structure, game
Consultants will be chosen according to the needs of the
selected projects. 
Selection board: Greg Childs (ChildsEye, UK), Raimo Lang (YLE, FIN),
Anthony Lilley (Magic Lanterns Production, UK), Peter Olaf Looms (DR
interactive, DK), Mark Ollila (Nokia, S/AUS), Lee Sheldon (USA),
Brunhild Bushoff (sagasnet, D)


Provide your 3-6 page project description (in English)
before February 10 2007.
Details + application form: www.sagasnet.de
or contact: sagasnet at sagasnet.de
Projects are welcome that are in development, interactive and narrative.
Main selection criteria is the potential to reach the -defined- audience
/market (commercial, cultural and/or artistic).


consultancy in previous sagasnet seminars was provided a.o. by
Ernest Adams, UK | Richard Adams, UK | Frank Alsema, 4xM, NL | Joel
Baumann, tomato, D/UK | Sebastian Belcher, Harbottle & Lewis, UK |
Margarita Betancor, Fox Kids GmbH | Frank Boyd, UK | Matt Costello,
Katonah Productions, USA | Greg Childs, ChildsEye, UK |
Noah Falstein, USA | Martin Freeth, UK | Bob Hopkins, UK |
Eero Iloniemi, FIN | Daniel Kapelian, F | Siggi Koegl, D |
Stephan Kolloff, D | Craig Lindley S | Stephane Natkin, F |
Mark Stephen Meadows, USA | Thomas Miles, D | Matthias
Rauterberg, D/NL | Greg Roach, USA | Christian Routh, E |
Lee Sheldon, USA | Vincent Scheurer, UK | Jurgen Wolff USA/UK

Projects selected for consulting in the frame of the sagasnet
Developing Interactive Narrative Content Seminar 2007 will qualify
for application for the MEDIA Development NEW TALENT fund in 2008.

best regards,

Brunhild Bushoff
Project Manager

c/o Bayerisches Filmzentrum
Bavariafilmplatz 7 
D-82031 Muenchen-Gruenwald
tel      + 49 89   64 98 11 29
fax      + 49 89  64 98 13 29
mobile + 49 (0) 171 45 28 0 52
URL   http://www.sagasnet.de
e-mail sagasnet at sagasnet.de

Please distribute this information to interested friends and colleagues.

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