[NetBehaviour] The Hack-Able Curator project

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Mon Jan 22 17:01:53 CET 2007

m-DAT presents:

The Hack-Able Curator project
http://www.hackablecurator.orguk <http://www.hackablecurator.org.uk>

19 Jan - 18th March 2007, at Plymouth Arts Centre, as part of the SLOW

The 'Hack-Able Curator' is a playful interpretation of the curating system
that includes a robotic arm making curatorial decisions. By using an
algorithm it chooses images from the popular photo-sharing website Flickr.
It is 'hack-able' because everyone can add images to the main resource by
uploading them to Flickr or by voting for any images displayed on the
website by sending a SMS message to the system. In both ways, the general
public can influence the decision the robot curator makes. The intention is
to facilitate discussion about new challenges and new possibilities for
curators. The project asks whether the availability and popularity of social
technologies suggests that the curator is redundant or indeed whether
everyone is now a curator of their own images?

The Project has been produced by Anita Barwacz, Lindsey Bedford, Andy
Bennett, Anaisa Franco, Martha Patricia Nińo, Richard Wilkes (m-DAT 2006-7).

m-DAT (Digital Art and Technology) is a is a hybrid masters programme that
integrates theory and practice of digital cultural production, and offers
MA, MSc and MRes awards (University of Plymouth). For more information,
visit http://m.i-dat.org/

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