[NetBehaviour] Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Minivan on Fire! New Video by Lewis LaCook at lewislacook.org

Michael Szpakowski szpako at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 24 10:40:27 CET 2007

I really really like this Lewis, but then I've enjoyed
all your video work a lot.
It's very singular stuff -it has something of your
poetry about it - the abrupt & often bizarre
juxtapositions, which when marshalled by the very
*elegant* framework of your verse are rendered both 
orderly & subtly spine-tingling.
Here ( & elsewhere in the vids) it's looser, wilder...
it's the disorder, the abrupt, the stubborn refusal to
ingratiate yourself with the viewer, the presentation
*as universal* of what is essentially a private
language ( though that last seems to me a feature of
your poetry too), that dominate...there isn't the
technical delicacy of your verse...no criticism.. this
is something different & its quite thrilling...
The rather washed out look, too, which seems to have
been quite a feature of your recent video work, I like
a lot..again most uningratiating..you make us *choose*
to work on it.. to opt in..
Finally ( & this was most striking in the telephone
call piece you did some while ago -can't remember the
name -o just looked <modern life>) there's a sense
here in which the juxtapostion either serially or
simultaneously of a number of disparate strands makes
me feel that there are in fact *many* narratives (in
the broadest sense of the word) struggling to surface.
It's an odd paradox that something that looks at first
sight so art*less* is in fact saturated with
great stuff!
ps though it defeats me utterly why you've got the
past vids on your site in the horrible .flv format
-surely its not some sort of copy protect move? They
looked way better in QT!

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