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Call for Proposals: New Forms Festival 2007
The New Forms Festival is an annual cross-disciplinary festival exploring
installation, performance, music, film, and electronic arts.

The theme for NFF07 is Re·Use
To use something again, often for a different purpose and usually as an
alternative to throwing it out.    
NFF 07 looks at the ideas of reuse in the media arts. These forms have been
able to come from different areas all around us. Whether involving the
recycling of equipment, the change in its use, reprogramming material, the
sample and mash-up of sound/images and reconstruction of ideas; the concept
of reuse has become one of the major entities behind invigorating, changing,
and growing media and electronic arts.  

Over history art has always seen recontextualization at its very core.
Warhol once asked if there was ever really an original idea. Shakespearean
tales become modern films, ancient sounds become electronic music anthems.
Pop culture drives home sounds and imagery that have changed, grown, and
evolved over time. Within this we have seen our cultures mix, grow, and
shape shift as ideas get recontextualized and reapproapriated from
generation to generation, and culture to culture.

For Re:Use NFF is looking for pieces that challenge these models and trends,
recognizing shifts that have taken place as well as new and innovative works
that re:use works on formats and in ways not yet seen. As the amount of
information we receive on a daily basis increases at a pace far faster that
at any other time in history, NFF 07 will become a platform for this mixed
media world, and a indicator of what might lie ahead in the years to come.
 Re-Use: Everything Knows Itself
The world is round.- Gertrude Stein
Clocks are thinking, Earth is spinning, people are ticking...
Furthering the New Forms Festival¹s 2007 direction of exploring things
unseen the exhibition will centre on the theme of re-constructing,
re-shaping and re-mixing the already extant. The aim of this reincarnation
is to reflect the sameness and the difference of things revealed by
repetition, iteration, rhythm and phase.
Sameness requires difference; the very regularity of a beat, of drumming,
can be enhanced and overwritten. The second repetition is invariantly
different then the first by being second. Difference resolves into more
complex kinds of sameness.
We are interested in form as much as content. We shall invite works that are
spare, astringent, and display a simplicity of means coupled with
transparency of technique.  Works purged of metaphor and stripped down to
their most fundamental features. "Less is more, more is less. The eye is a
menace to clear sight." [Ad Reinhardt]. We would like to show self-contained
works that shed light on the underlying systematic action of their
construction, exhibiting regularity of behavior in the elements they use. We
welcome audio/visual installation, kinetic sculpture, networked and
telematic art submissions. The key words, again, are: repetition, iteration,
rhythm and phase.  
UNCONFERENCE: ArtCamp07: Re:use
ArtCamp07: Re:use follows up on ArtCamp06, the World¹s First
Un-Conference on Art, a groundbreaking day-long event co-produced by New
Forms Festival and Upgrade! Vancouver, which was attended by over a hundred
artists, designers, programmers, critics, theorists, curators and
practitioners from all fields who presented over 30 workshops, talks and
hybrid events throughout a single inspiration-filled day. The theme of
Re:use will be brought into the framework of ArtCamp in order to offer an
opportunity for participants from all fields working creatively with
technological or material frameworks to come together in an open window of
time and space to meet, show work, talk about ideas, try things out,
and learn new hands-on practices.
Bring your turntables, laptops, or sewing machines, your old mp3s,
National Geographics, bridesmaid¹s dresses, or liquor tickets. Come with
something, and leave with something else. We invite all manner of
on-the-spot engagements including but not limited to: DIY projects that
transform discarded materials in something beautiful, cool or useful; 
showing people how to cut and paste code to make quick and dirty websites or
applications; strategies for revisioning experiences or environments;
workshops for recycling photographs, cassettes, CDs or other technological
or manufacturing detritus; conceptual detournement; discussion or
demonstration of interventionist practices relating to performance,
psychogeography or street art; collaborative drawing events; experimentation
with found materials; realtime mixing of cameraphone pictures, text
messages, video, photostreams or something else; swaps, exchanges or
tricked-out marketplace mods for circulating, disseminating or evolving
objects, subjects or frameworks; presentation of cultural objects or
artifacts that relate to reuse or recycling; discussion tracing the
circulation and ³reuse² of strategies or ideas; or grand schemes for social
or environmental engagements. You get the idea: it¹s up to you. Bring
something -- object, material, idea, technology, or just bring yourself ­
and put it in the mix.
ArtCamp is a self-organizing event that gear up in the form of
a collaborative wiki in the months and weeks leading up to the festival.
To look at last year¹s wiki, visit http://artcamp.pbwiki.com
Deconstruction looks to films made entirely out of sample based material. 
Whether coming from a found art, archival, scratch video or other mode of
presentation, deconstruction looks to those works that alter the reality of
the original clips, creating new context through the finished result.  Works
are encouraged from a wide range of sources including poltical,
pop-cultural, surreal, home-video, and the internet.
Scratch Video
Aiming to present a comprehensive look at the world of scratch-video, one of
the most prominent sub-genres of live video production and interfacing, this
night takes live video mixing/scratching under the context of hip-hop/beat
music production as its focus. Assembling National and International
artists, software developers, and scenemakers, NFF07 affords a mash-up of
sub-genres, styles, and methods, picturing where this Form has been and
where it is going.  Live movement within the image, movement, and sound is
crucial to this evening.

Articulating the crossovers and variances between traditional
band/instrument structures and electronically-mediated production and
performance, this event allows audiences to see committed efforts on both
sides in order to facilitate cooperation and communication between
Forms. Cross-Pollination features 30-minute sets from bands, which are
sampled live and then restructured and remixed by a laptop/live p.a. artist
immediately thereafter, which effectively is a live remix. This format
encourages both artists and audience to stretch their understanding and
appreciation to the limit, as it lays bare both the capabilities, but also
inadequacies, of the Forms, while pushing both all involved to further their
skills and the scope of their art.  

Electronic Heritage
Electronic music as a musical art form has been in existence for nearly a
century. From early modulating and noise creating machines like the
intonarumori to modern day audio computer software like ACID and Pro Tools
electronic musicians have been at the forefront of musical innovation since
its existence. 2007 will mark the 100th anniversary of the first electronic
instrument the teleharmonium. In celebration of the birth of this now
antique musical art form the New Forms Festival would like to pay tribute to
yesteryears electronic pioneers by inviting contemporary electronic
innovators to interpret their sound. Electronic Heritage will invite artists
to incorporate electronic theories, instruments and samples from their
electronic forefathers into live performances that will both address the old
and bridge the new. This night will show where we¹ve come from and where
electronic music is yet to go.
Building off the success of the "Where We Are" and "Timestretch" nights from
the Low/Music & Visual Series of NFF05 & 06 respectively, Mangling plans to
showcase those at the forefront of modern dance culture and its subsequent
music production. These artists provide necessary alternatives,
reconsiderations, and subversions of the vast machine that has occured as
the music industry has overtaken branches of the electronic music scene and
its pop tangents. The event will complete the spectrum of the modern club
environment, pairing the music sets with visual installations and live video
New Forms has begun to work with Artist Run Centres in the city to produce
works specifically around the festival.  The goals are to create a maximum
audience for these local artists works that might not be available
otherwise, and also to give these artists a forum to display works in an
international context.  The first of these partnerships will be with OFMAS
(Open Forum Media Arts Society) for 2007.  We will be contacting further
Artist Run Centres in Vancouver concerning this in the months ahead.  The
Residency Program is only applicable to local artists and community projects
are encouraged.  Please contact curatorial at newformsfestival.com
<mailto:curatorial at newformsfestival.com>  for further information on the
All submissions should be done through the online form at
www.newformsfestival.com <http://www.newformsfestival.com/submissions>, with
accompanying material sent to:  
New Forms Festival 06 / Transformations #200-252 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver,
B.C. V5T-1A6. Submission Deadline: April 1st, 2007. 

(No Submissions arriving after April 1st  will be accepted) 

For any further information please email submissions at newformsfestival.com.

Malcolm Levy
New Forms Festival : Revised Films
#200-252 East 1st Avenue. Vancouver, B.C. V5T-1A6
malcolm at newformsfestival.com


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