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Hi Dion,

mmm, the last time I squatted was in Bristo (UK), with a group of people 
in Bristol in the late eighties.

It was in an amazing building which was name the PInk palace - that was 
painted pink by everyone. It was next door to a council owned building 
that just so happened to be for the local Masons.

There were studios there, creche's & all types of facilties and a 
gallery space. Then this nutty Guy from Germany who was under the 
illusion that he was anarchist, decided that he should run the whole 
building, which also included stealing the Masons next door & beating up 
people who did not agree with him. Oh yes, the deal also included loads 
of heroin junkies leaving needles around on the floor for kids to pick 
up and play with (dumb shits). So, in the end everyone was turfed out 
into the streets by the police around 5 in the morning...

So much for love peace and harmony...


> oh yeah, totally squatable
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>> Hi Dion,
>> Perhaps we should go and squat there...
>> marc
>>> For those of you interested in architecture, my great uncle is 
>>> selling his Frank Lloyd Wright home in Rockford, Illinois, just west 
>>> of Chicago. I've provided a few links to info. on this specific home 
>>> as well as quotes about the home and books that include the Laurent 
>>> House.
>>> "This little gem" (Frank Lloyd Wrights' words) was designed on a 
>>> summer evening in July 1949.
>>> http://www.fllwrightslaurenthouse.com/index.htm
>>> http://www.savewright.org/wright_on_the_market/laurent/laurent.html
>>>   " The Original owners, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Laurent are offering 
>>> their treasured home of over 54 years for sale
>>> to a fortunate Frank Lloyd Wright enthusiast. Wright first used some 
>>> of these designs in later buildings.
>>> After it's design and construction in 1952, Wright continued his 
>>> friendship with the Laurents for years.
>>> The home is in immaculate condition and is full of custom designed 
>>> Wright furniture and fabric designs.
>>> Meticulous maintenance over the years means this house looks as good 
>>> today as when Wright would occasionally visit.
>>> Mature trees and a long, sweeping lawn complete this modern prairie 
>>> style home
>>> The house is another of Wright's solar hemicycles; the plan is 
>>> dominated by circles.  The arc of one circle defines the glass wall 
>>> of the living room, a second circle with a different center defines 
>>> the outside pool and terrace wall.  The two circles intersect to 
>>> form the football shaped outer terrace.
>>> The house is built of Tidewater cypress and common brick.  A bedroom 
>>> was later added off the carport by John Howe.
>>> http://www.fllwrightslaurenthouse.com/index.htm
>>> "This remarkable book presents twenty-five of the most renowned and 
>>> significant buildings of Wright's masterworks.
>>> The book examines in unsurpassed detail a selection of Wright's 
>>> architecture that covers the phenomenal range of his work,
>>> including such internationally famous buildings as the Home and 
>>> Studio in Oak Park, as well as several
>>> lesser-known residences such as the Kenneth Laurent house in Rockford."
>>> Frank Lloyd Wright Master Builder
>>> Pfeiffer, Bruce B.
>>> ISBN: 0789300982
>>> http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0789300982/
>>> http://www.powells.com/cgi-bin/biblio?inkey=17-0789300982-1
>>> "and the Kenneth Laurent house in Rockford, Illinois, a masterful 
>>> curvilinear design, are seen
>>> in full color and demonstrate dimensions of Wright's work less often 
>>> seen before."
>>> http://www.homeandabroad.com/viewProdDetails.ha?prodId=5358
>>> "fifty of the best-loved signature homes that the architect created"
>>> 50 Favorite Houses by Frank Lloyd Wright
>>> Maddex, Diane
>>> ISBN:0810982129
>>> http://www.amazon.com/Favorite-Houses-Frank-Lloyd-Wright/dp/0810982129
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