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Lewis LaCook llacook at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 25 15:30:39 CET 2007

awww shucks

yes, it's the same aesthetic as the verse, but without a lot of the technical muscle behind it--and there's a great deal of the joy of discovery in the movies...and you're right: it looks "artless," but is in fact quite deliberately composed (i can work on a 30-second video piece for months, if i let myself)

"minivan" is part of a larger hypertext work, not sure how i'm going to use it...hope to compose quite a few of these to go along with the volume of materials i've collected for this piece (it will be the one artwork i've done most influenced by my work as a web developer as well: it's structured much like any bit of open source software, and will have an API)...i hope to have this work ready by summer...

no, the .flv isn't so much a copy protection move but an experiment...i upgraded lewislacook.org's CMS backend from Drupal to Joomla, because, well, Joomla just rocks...and i'm fascinated by all the components you can use to deliver extra functionality..."Minivan" is also posted to the front page, and from that link you can view the QT version of the movie...in fact, all previous artworks are up on the site, which is much easier now that i do my own hosting (lewislacook.org takes up an ungodly amount of disk space for a website)--so the galleries there, while not allowing copying, serve the purpose of easy browser display---must admit at this point i prefer the mp3 galleries to the video galleries...would be nice if others posted work there as well (hint hint, all you listers!)

in any case, the backend is just coming together, so expect to see a more robust downloads section, as well as entries for previous works...

thanks so much for the kind words!


Michael Szpakowski <szpako at yahoo.com> wrote:                                  I really really like this Lewis, but then I've enjoyed
 all your video work a lot.
 It's very singular stuff -it has something of your
 poetry about it - the abrupt & often bizarre
 juxtapositions, which when marshalled by the very
 *elegant* framework of your verse are rendered both 
 orderly & subtly spine-tingling.
 Here ( & elsewhere in the vids) it's looser, wilder...
 it's the disorder, the abrupt, the stubborn refusal to
 ingratiate yourself with the viewer, the presentation
 *as universal* of what is essentially a private
 language ( though that last seems to me a feature of
 your poetry too), that dominate...there isn't the
 technical delicacy of your verse...no criticism.. this
 is something different & its quite thrilling...
 The rather washed out look, too, which seems to have
 been quite a feature of your recent video work, I like
 a lot..again most uningratiating..you make us *choose*
 to work on it.. to opt in..
 Finally ( & this was most striking in the telephone
 call piece you did some while ago -can't remember the
 name -o just looked <modern life>) there's a sense
 here in which the juxtapostion either serially or
 simultaneously of a number of disparate strands makes
 me feel that there are in fact *many* narratives (in
 the broadest sense of the word) struggling to surface.
 It's an odd paradox that something that looks at first
 sight so art*less* is in fact saturated with
 great stuff!
 ps though it defeats me utterly why you've got the
 past vids on your site in the horrible .flv format
 -surely its not some sort of copy protect move? They
 looked way better in QT!
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