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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Jan 26 01:13:54 CET 2007

vlf parallel tabla parallel vlf

what am i supposed to do with this
did make m3589v7o6zo9442t3y5126o485l[k.fp
+?3589v7o6z=o9442t3y5]126o485l922u5464ph2wkzg5lk87not but changed it
don't know v5y9813817h83ldo667a1kv9ob2
a1kv9ob2phkx3eo79oo146!4bzg6ucan't think of anything be back
on the archaea
arwAehz ewU C O Leyr Behz Ge U Lohze NMhz hU G Ahz &
ORG BehZ unutAehz pAehz GhaphZ Aehz orgahzmhze+
planned th= Phz Le+ Lyhz from Le Brom orgahzmhze
myhzU Gable ynyU clue wahz laid in darkehzt
Zuytygynnyngound togeU LAehz orgahzmhzyn walkhZ TH
P raynhaohZ opAehz Zuytygynnynglsh!
dyPhz BPhz BywU armhzultyohZe NMhZ hAehz g
lond\a dropped loAehz
raynk oPhz Blsh! hayr1 armshaea2.eeAehz raynhZtatyAehz rayne hzwAehz 
armhZratwAehz armshyng problematywAehz ... http://yn armhzultye yn 
wynd9ndwhzmedark brunette wyndAehz armhZontrar+ wyndoman 
knife stops before its destination
graphs cannot labor human
graphisme is a-temporal through experiential
deathless, time stalls, hacking's digital eternity
"For talking picture, too, mute." (Adorno, Eisler.)
n.b. all images must clicked that will activate machinery
descriptor < > names
coordinate delineation
size resizing
closer an origin
for now
one these ways
happens way
recent flute pieces and interrelationship between choate inchoate
emerges inscriptions cutting organisms worlds
fast-forward recovery coherency
motility opportunisms life-forms surrounded by bankruptcies
Bee*^yychaos love
bee*^yymiserable iniquity
Be+Wfound objecthood
be+Wdeath concerned
ecnot a lock hair
W*youWfrightful breasts
W*areWcharismatic moments
W*areWdarker lockupgi;
W*thereWnameless exhausted
W*ThereWmuff black fuzzgi;
Wwin wind
WWabu.ya -
wWsmell jasmine
WWslight pass perfume air
fou*rbig beautiful eyegi;
tcionabu.ya wondergi;
uceshe returned smile cwere those needlemarks her arm
Cthin walks pouring raingi;
thyunutterable chaos Thyagonies ecstasies orgasmsgi;
qthe was darkest splendor
Qlost forevergi;
tertheir bodies found together
fperhaps they beginning
you click image
seems run PCs WinXP i'm sure Win98
tried Win95 had load up so many files crashed
reloaded ran faster than ever might where vb6 runs does mathematics complex 
untoward terms functions
program should allowed play out
that's why there are no mouseoverunderclicks cancel
can resize perhaps would more awkwardly
lovely arbor curtain drawing down
d. called dusk / closure or both day dedication romanticist denouement
important series contains random function
true calculation machine
my philosophy which as well
changing faunal landscape kingston pennsylvania
jg ballard
new species sighted: blue herons (3),* green heron (1)
influx muscovy ducks canadian geese*
muskrats drainage ditches
virginia possums (opossums)
intensification: rabbits,* skunks
moving territory: broad-shouldered hawks (5)* into central town
insects: small black-striped grasshoppers (1)*
spiders: shield spiders (have check nomenclature)* (30-40 approx)
some waterbirds unidentified (inland)
numerous crown coral fungi*
archaic other bacterial efflorescences around vents*
increase numbers bats
crow flocks
*, photographed
-- speak _general efflorescence_ relation increased humidity global warming
kirby park thicket appears subtropical often flooded
archaea7 flannel
locomotive boiler rivet assembly gridwork deconstruction phase
nothing lasts forever
parasitic color reconstruction
hardness "for while"
vbcode Private Sub Form_Click()
: Randomize
m = 0.1
z -2
x 0
j p 1
k If t 16 Then + Else GoTo three
-(x ^ 2) q 15 * 2
Line (-k Tan(k) 20, j)-(x, Sin(z)), Point(ScaleWidth \ 50, ScaleHeight 100)
b -k Cos(k)
bb Cos(z)
Msg (bb Chr(13) x)
three: 0.2 ScaleWidth y 3
Mod 100000 4 MsgBox Msg, , "Line Output"
4300000 Stop
End egret
here kingston, great has injured left foot; broken.
we went fire station.
wnep-tv covers wildlife.
audubon society harrisburg, 150 miles away; local society.
emergency animal clinic.
nearby hospital.
game wildlife commission.
spoke people messages. chance bird rescued.
just before, white egret, majestic. also come north. skittish, flew gracefully.
both, documenting arrivals.
wounded emanation
near ending lines transform
furrowing destiny
course continue given endless vanishing point perspective
already variation about
each slight differentiation slighted difference
The programs operating space analog digital,
code simply vb-wise somewhat nesting recursion. I tend work trignometric 
functions, limits, say, tangent cotangent, resonate limits computation itself.
Furthermore interpreted underlying
photographs lichen-like growth upon them, empathetic cohering.
In turn, modify, deconstruct.
What deconstructing? Language, meaning, symbols, symbolic.
Through erasure form.
BlaSAKout hZtathz
Trazyng route \nought panyecstatic.wtheir gonee unuttheyr bodyes
ptheir gonehaps beginningound
togeththeir goneable optheir beginninglsh! loveose htheir gone
armsom []
ovtheir maecstaticymum 3a loSAK hayr hophz:
Rethe layd splendoruehzt tymed
out.139 mhz 14a beginningea hayr.gnaphz2.nywtheir arms.awtheir armszehzhZ.net
hZ1a hayr-a hayr-5-t1.l3wtheir armsore.nywtheir []5 6 7 8 9 1a 11 
12 13 14 17 18 19 2a 21 22 23 24
Pyngyng lovee w9ndyth 32 bytehz
Pyng hztatyhztywtheir armshz byg beautyptheir beginningul eyehz
PaSAKethz: hZent 4, Rezeyved hayr, Lohzt (1a
hayra hayr% lohzhZ),
largest clocks world stopped
held breath right outside window
criminal bush he's powerful it's incredible
noise willie
tired bit bet go
they're transparent logical cuts itself fractionates literally decaying 
originated 1920s 1930s
territory shed have realize sutton dean street he numb
consequences very uncomfortable
difficult live unwanted nightmare presentation
look numb/er
view number number: obasanjo olusegun whip took weapons same
imaginations misguided morons?
(This lpmud redesigned years ago. Texts been
devour (x,y) coordinates returning inputting values Point(x,y). reconstitutes 
circle Circle (x,y), radius, Point(x,y), elliptical
distortion may ScaleWidth. beyond image, infinite exterior (0,0,0) 
manner _exterior_ interrupts _interior,_ constructing _binary_.
procedures routines neither interior exterior; configure leaving residue. take 
residence elsewhere. resulting _flux_ result devouring. fractionated internals 
devouring occurs waves across limits. tangential escapes; sign-sine operates 
normalization, scanning Width Height. never recorded; _imagination_.
fully _fancy_.
semantics always dialog, are. image: it? easily readable. transformation 
_diacritical_ mark, lingering memory. goes _numb_ body, medical model, prisoner 
social socio-economic model. _skein_ stationary body. fractionation x-nor 
not-x-nor inversions pen-writing _degree ground zero_ contradiction, 
unspeaking, mute. superposition projection 'nowadays, earth only fragile, 
becoming increasingly
_transparent_. sees it, there's end sight.'

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