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January 25, 2007
"3 X 3: New Media Fix(es) on Turbulence"
Essays by Josphine Bosma, Belén Gache, and Eduardo Navas

Turbulence.org and New Media Fix (http://newmediafix.net) are pleased to
announce the publication of "3 X 3: New Media Fix(es) on Turbulence," three
texts about works from the Turbulence.org archive. The texts--published in
English, Italian and Spanish--were written and translated by members and
affiliates of New Media Fix. They include "The Body in Turbulence" by
Josephine Bosma; "Narrating with New Media: What Happened with Whatever has
Happened?" by Belén Gache; and "Turbulence: Remixes + Bonus Beats" by
Eduardo Navas. The translations are by Lucrezia Cippitelli, Francesca De
Nicolò, Raquel Herrera, and Brenda Banda Corona & Ignacio Nieto. Ludmil
Trenkov designed the PDF and HTML documents. 

"3 X 3: New Media Fix(es) on Turbulence" was funded by the National
Endowment for the Arts. The essays may be read and/or downloaded at
http://www.turbulence.org/texts/nmf/ or http://newmediafix.net/Turbulence07/


JOSEPHINE BOSMA (1962) is a writer and critic. She started working in the
field of new media art making radio shows, documentaries and interviews
about the topic for VPRO and Patapoe radio in 1993. She has published
interviews, reviews and texts about art and new media in various books and
magazine, both on and offline, since 1996. Her work mostly focuses on net
art, sound art and net culture. Bosma has also organized several events,
like the radio section of the tactical media festival Next5Minutes 2 (1996)
and 3 (1999), an evening about net art criticism (2001) and the newsletter
CREAM (2001/2002). She lives and works in Amsterdam.

BELÉN GACHE has a Master's Degree in Discourse Analysis with a thesis on the
argentine writer Julio Cortázar. She has published books such as Escrituras
Nómades, del libro perdido al hipertexto (Nomadic Writings, from the lost
book to hipertext) (Spain, Gijón, Trea, 2006), El ser escrito: lenguajes y
escrituras en la obra de Xul Solar (The Written Being: languages and
writings in Xul Solar's works) (Madrid, Museo Centro de Arte Reina Sofía,
2002), Jorge Macchi, el destino como principal sospechoso, (Jorge Macchi,
Destiny as the Principal Suspect) (France, Centre Contemporain d´art,
Montebeliard, 2001). As a narrator she has published the novels Lunas
eléctricas para las noches sin luna (Electric Moons for Moonless Nights)
(Sudamericana, 2004), Divina Anarquia (Divine Anarchy) (Sudamericana, 1999)
and Luna India (Indian Moon) (Planeta, 1994). Since 1996 she develops
Wordtoys , a compilation of net poems and other non-linear works.

EDUARDO NAVAS is an artist, historian and critic specializing in new media;
his work and theories have been presented in various places throughout the
United States, Latin America and Europe. He has been a juror for
Turbulence.org in 2004 and for Rhizome.org in 2006-07, New York. Navas is
founder and was contributing editor of "Net Art Review" (2003-05), is
co-founder of "newmediaFIX" (2005 to present) and is co-founding member of
"acute.cc", an international group of artists and academics who organize
event and publications periodically. Currently, Navas is a Ph.D. Candidate
in the Department of Art and Media History, theory and Criticism at the
University of California San Diego. www.navasse.net

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