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[Re: magAzine] | #004 Curating Ambiguity

In autumn 2006 the Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) released the
Electronic Literature Collection Volume One, including selected works in
New Media forms such as Hypertext Fiction, Kinetic Poetry, generative and
combinatory forms, Network Writing, Codework, 3D, and Narrative Animations.
One of the main common characteristics of Web-based literary products is
that they often can be read (or viewed, listened, played with, used) in
multifaceted ways. Accordingly the curation of Electronic Literature is
challenged by ambiguity and heterogeneity on different levels. In issue
#004 of [Re: magAzine] by CONT3XT.NET, Scott Rettberg -- co-curator of the
anthology and co-founder of the ELO -- talks about different ways of
contextualizing, re-presenting and archiving E-Literature: "The more
context, the more documentation available to the reader, the better."

__ to the interview with Scott Rettberg:

__ to former interviews: http://re.cont3xt.net/archive.html 
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[Re: magAzine] | #004 Mehrdeutigkeit Kuratieren

Im Herbst 2006 hat die Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) den ersten
Band der Electronic Literature Collection veroeffentlicht. Die Anthologie
umfasst literarisch-kuenstlerische Arbeiten in Form Neuer Medien wie
Hypertext Fiction, Kinetic Poetry, generative und kombinatorische
Netzliteratur, Network Writing, Codework, 3D, und Narrative Animations.
Eines der zentralen Charakteristika von Web-basierter Literatur ist, dass
sie haeufig auf mehrere Arten gelesen (gesehen, gehoert, gespielt, benutzt)
werden kann. Dem Kuratieren von Literatur im Internet stehen Mehrdeutigkeit
und Heterogenitaet auf mehreren Ebenen gegenueber.  In Ausgabe #004 des
[Re: magAzine] von CONT3XT.NET spricht Scott Rettberg, Co-Kurator der
Anthologie und Mitbegruender der ELO, ueber unterschiedliche Methoden der
Kontextualisierung, Darstellung und Archivierung von E-Literatur: "The more
context, the more documentation available to the reader, the better."

__ zum Interview mit Scott Rettberg: http://re.cont3xt.net/pdf/Re_004.pdf 

__ zu frueheren Interviews: http://re.cont3xt.net/archive.html 
(Live Cinema, Locative Media, Amazon Noir)


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