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Realtime Performance, Sound & Language Festival

February 2nd-25th

Brings together artists from a diverse set of
contemporary practices for an international festival
featuring live acts and real-time transmissions from
practitioners within performance, sound, and the
language arts.

Links Hall
3435 N. Sheffield -- Chicago, IL

Each weekend program:
$12 ($10 students, seniors, unemployed)

**Friday, February 2, 7:30pm**

Jillian Peña (US) - The Promised Land
Filled with hope, The Promised Land is a dance piece
about love, desire, restlessness, and ambition.
Expressions escape the body in forms such as ecstatic
dancing, meditation, sex, and emotions.  The dance
responds to the anxiety felt somewhere between
expectation and failure.  Chicagoan Jillian Peña is a
video maker, dancer, improviser, negotiator, and
writer, and this performance was made while in
residency at The Kitchen, NYC. www.jillianpena.com

Loss Pequeño Glazier (US) - Bromeliasas
Exploring new possibilities for web-based digital art,
Bromeliasas is a computer-selected rendering of text
and images extracted from poetry databases.  Glazier's
digital poetry also engages with sound, photography,
and video; and includes themes of ecology, Latin
American landscapes, and the delicate but tangible
thread of language.  Buffalo (NY) based Glazier is a
poet, and Founder and Director of the Electronic
Poetry Center, the world's most extensive Web-based
digital poetry resource, housed at the State
University of New York.

Brian O' Reilly (US) - Weather Mechanics
Weather Mechanics connects sound to moving image. The
work is constructed by analog video, where projected
images bleed onto one another, intersecting and
blurring their lines like layered, waterlogged paper.
Currently working as an Artist in Residence at ZKM in
Karlsruhe, Germany, Brian O'Reilly is the creator of
various works for sound, moving images, multi media
assemblage/installation, and is a double bassist.

**Saturday, February 3, 7:30pm**

Brian O' Reilly (US) - two performances
octal hatch, a collection of miniature abstract audio
and video portraits of Greek composer Iannis Xenakis;
and scan processor studies, developed in collaboration
with Woody Vasulka, and including improvisations with
experimental sound composer Robb Drinkwater.

jUStin!katKO (US)  - flesh
fleSh is a music-video-talk performance that works
with a generative principle derived from a study of
songs on the first disc of Queen's Greatest Hits.  The
performance consists of two parts: 1) a hack of the
source; 2) what Fallujah learned about White
Phosphorous in November 2004; and an epilogue, The
Ants, Sir, that will be underscored by a momentary
sound mix of Chicago FM radio.  jUStin!katKO is an
intermedia writer and publisher in Oxford, OH.

Michael Graeve (AUS) - Simple Methods
Graeve works with old domestic and schoolroom record
players and loudspeakers, reveling in the volatile and
unpredictable nature of the equipment.  Rich tones,
textures, and rhythms fall together and fall apart,
evidencing simple interactions between machine process
and human gesture, with the limitations of the
technology producing complex results.  Michael Graeve
is an Australian artist living in Chicago, working in
painting and sound installation, performance and

**Sunday, February 4, 7:30pm**

Jillian Peña (US) - The Promised Land

Loss Pequeño Glazier (US) - Io Sono At Swoons
Following his presentation on Friday February 2,
Glazier presents a different work, which
electronically converts text from a database of
linguistic stems and words to generate sound and
poetry.  Along with English, fragments of multiple
languages are interwoven to produce a unique fabric of
sounds, sometimes humorous, often surprising in tone,
density, and color.

jUStin!katKO (US) - fleSh

**Friday, February 9, 7:30pm**

Galen Curwen-McAdams (US) - Diasporalities
Curwen-McAdams' writings and technological
interventions are driven by his theoretical
explorations and research into human and computer
languages, internet protocols, and network
architectures. Diasporalities is a performance of the
routes, traces, mappings, and gestures of bodies
traversing networks. Curwen-McAdams is a graduate of
the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, who
currently lives in Portland, Oregon.

jonCates + jake elliot (US) - 0UR080R05
jonCates + jake elliott embark on a realtime audio
video performance, where digital systems coil into
themselves, creating a speculative screenplay,
virtually typewritten onto the raw 16mm film footage
of William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin. Chicago-based
artists jonCates + jake elliott collaborate on various
initiatives involving artware-radical, conceptual
software engineered or hacked/modified by artists.
www.systemsapproach.net; www.structuredsound.net/jake

Tyne Dogger artist
Caroline Bergvall (UK) - FIG REDUCTION
Caroline Bergvall presents a series of textual pieces
based around her recent book FIG. Incorporating video
projections and her virtuoso reading technique, this
is poetry of complex language and engaged thought.
Bergvall is a poet, performance artist, and critic
based in London, noted for her pointed as well as
playful tugging at identities and prejudices as they
are manifested in language.  She is co-Chair of
Writing, Milton Avery School of the Arts.

eRikm (FR) - eRikm turntables solo
French sound artist eRikm is renowned for his virtuoso
turntabling, which he integrates with electronic
instruments and other tools.  He has collaborated with
many international artists, including Voice Crack,
Christian Marclay, and Luc Ferrari, and explores
relationships between rock music, contemporary
composition, and free improvisation www.erikm.com

**Saturday, February 10, 7:30pm**

Tyne Dogger artist
Caroline Bergvall (UK) - FIG REDUCTION

Tyne Dogger artist
Marisa Zanotti (UK) - Edges
In her new performance Edges, Brighton/Glasgow-based
Marisa Zanotti combines material from her earlier
dance piece, Wipe Out, with projected images to blur
the definitions of performance and film: considering
the film set a performance space, and filmmaking as a
performance.  In addition to performance, Zanotti
works in film drama, and her first short, At the end
of the sentence, has been shown at many international
film festivals.

Mark Booth (US) - this is the sound of the milky way
(projective version)
Mark Booth's new audio project combines text with live
and pre-recorded sound, to investigate the natural
environment, the limits of electronics, and physical
presence in the world.  Booth's recordings include
phenomena which can be recorded with a conventional
microphone (water, rain, wind, speech), and phenomena
which cannot (the milky way, the sun, the moon).  Mark
Booth works with sound, text and painting, and is
based in Chicago; he curated the festival An
Incomplete Map of Everything for Links Hall in 2006.

**Sunday, February 11, 7:30pm**

eRikm (FR) - eRikm turntables solo

Tyne Dogger artist
Marisa Zanotti (UK) - Edges

Simon Lonergan (US) - Bench Only
Lonergan's performances incorporate hand-made
electronic instruments that blend processes of
feedback, resonance, and recording into
electro-acoustic improvisations.  Influenced by the
writings of Kenneth Maue and the audio work of David
Tudor, Alvin Lucier, and Nic Collins, Lonergan
performs here with a modified 1950s Lowry Tube Organ
Bench-a seat that has been modified to become an
instrument.  Lonergan studied experimental music and
composition at the School of the Art Institute of
Chicago, and now lives in Davenport, Iowa.

**Friday, February 16, 7:30pm**

Tyne Dogger artist
Donna Rutherford (UK) - Ochone Ochone
Glasgow-based performance artist Donna Rutherford
looks at how people overcome and move on from tragedy,
or, in contrast, the effects of avoidance and
repression.  Ochone refers to "sorrows from before
that are still with us," and this emotional work
references the Kurdish Iraqi community in Glasgow.

Tyne Dogger artist
TNWK (UK) - Nurse Trash
In 1999, TNWK "destroyed" 100 books; they have been
working with the "remains" ever since, creating an
ongoing series of thought-provoking and visually
seductive performances that combine film, text, and
spoken word. TNWK (things not worth keeping) is a
collaboration between Kirsten Lavers (a
multidisciplinary artist based in Cambridge, UK) and
cris cheek (a British performance poet based in Ohio).

Talan Memmott (US) - Twittering
Twittering is a hypermedia performance developed from
a paper-based work of the same name. The phrases of
Memmott's written text, represented as images, audio,
and animations, are recombined in realtime with a live
reading of excerpts from the appendix of Memmott's
original text.  Memmott is a hypermedia writer/artist
from San Francisco, now based in Monterey Bay, CA, and
the Creative Director and Editor of the online
hypermedia literary journal BeeHive. www.memmott.org

**Saturday, February 17, 7:30pm**

Dana Vinger & Robyn Okrant (US) - (nervous) system
Separated by geography and time zones, theater and
performance artists Vinger (Portland) and Okrant
(Chicago) find commonality in the systems that
overwhelm their lives.  They weave a tapestry of
spoken language from original and found texts that
address both personal and public concerns, including
the corporate ideology that shapes and fuels America's
urban public education system, and a patient's
struggles in a sea of red tape, chronic pain, and
stifling amounts of conflicting medical advice.

Goat Island (US) - Lasting, part one
Goat Island Performance Group, the art students of
Northside College Prep, and special musical guest
Smokey Hormel, present a multi-media collaborative
performance in celebration of lastness.  Goat Island
began in 1987, and has since toured nationally and
internationally.  This event inaugurates a new web
project, which responds to Goat Island's recent
decision to make their last performance together:

Wilton Azevedo (BR) - Po e-Machine
Azevedo presents a performance of 'sonorous expanded
writing' generated in realtime from a mix of live
voices and virtual instruments.  Po e-Machine, a
project more than ten years in the making, is a
computer program designed to respond in unpredictable
ways to changes in its poetic labyrinth.  Azevedo was
born in São Paulo, Brazil; an artist, graphic
designer, poet and musician, he is also a Doctor of
Communication and Semiotics.

Tyne Dogger artist
TNWK (UK)  - Nurse Trash

**Sunday, February 18, 7:30pm**

Tyne Dogger artist
Donna Rutherford (UK) - Ochone Ochone

Talan Memmot (US) - Twittering

Wilton Azevedo (BR) - Po e-Machine

Marina Peterson (US) - Solo cello
Marina Peterson presents improvised sonic explorations
on the cello; sometimes acoustic, sometimes amplified.
  Peterson plays primarily new and improvised music,
and is a member of Ensemble Noamnesia and Neme. She is
Assistant Professor of Performance Studies in the
School of Interdisciplinary Arts at Ohio University in
Athens, OH.

**Friday, February 23, 7:30pm**

James Tierney (US) - an excerpt from The Local Memory
Tierney reads from his book The Local Memory, a work
that is best described as a "fictional essay."  The
reading will be accompanied by images from
contemporary art, and found images and screen-captures
from the internet.  Portland, Oregon-based James
Tierney received a MFA from Brown University where he
was awarded the John Hawkes Memorial Prize in Fiction.
He has published fictions, critical essays, and a play
in the Golden Handcuffs Review.

Tyne Dogger artist
John Cayley (UK) - imposition
John Cayley uses computer programming to experiment
with time-based language poetics using self-devised
processes of 'translation' and 'transliteration'
through which texts move between languages and states
of legibility.  Audience members will be able to use
networked laptops to track and interpret the work as
part of a live, interactive presentation.  Cayley is a
London-based poet, translator, publisher, and book
dealer.  He is an Honorary Research Associate in the
Department of English, University of London.

Marie Cool & Fabio Balducci (FR) - Untitled (Prayers)
Based in France, Cool and Balducci have collaborated
since 1995 to great international acclaim. These
selections from their series of short (often two to
three minute-long) performances Untitled (Prayers)
1996-2004, are performed solo by Marie Cool, who uses
basic movements, objects, and materials to evoke both
the personal and universal.  Without character or
narration, this work resists categorization as dance,
theater or performance.

**Saturday, February 24, 3pm**
Marie Cool & Fabio Balducci (FR) - Untitled (Prayers)
A special matinee performance by Marie Cool and Fabio
Balducci. For description, see Friday, February 23.

**Saturday, February 24, 7:30pm**

Tyne Dogger artist
John Cayley (UK) - imposition

Alan Sondheim (US) - ski/nn & Interior Avatar
NYC-based Sondheim's laptop performances combine live
writing with video and sound projections, creating a
multilayered work that engages with philosophy,
psychology, language, the body, and virtuality.
Sondheim's recent books include Orders of the Real
(Writers Forum, 2005), and he co-moderates several
pioneering email lists, including Cybermind,
Cyberculture, and Wryting. www.asondheim.org

Laetitia Sonami & Sue Costabile (US) - The Appearance
of Silence (The Invention of Perspective)
Inspired by the gardens depicted in early Italian
Renaissance paintings, Sonami (live electronics) and
Costabile (live video) use the context of historical
and new technologies to explore the shifting
perspectives between representation and abstraction,
digital saturation and spatial rendering.  Originally
from France, Sonami is a composer, performer, and
sound installation artist working in Oakland, CA.
Costabile is a visual and performing artist based in
the San Francisco Bay Area, whose work challenges the
norms of photography, video, and technology.
www.sonami.net; www.sue-c.net

Tyne Dogger artist
Fiona Wright (UK) - On Lying (in a blue dress/early
A new solo performance, in which a body is moved to
confess or at least commit to making it all up.
Wright's performance is something like she imagines
writing a blog would be if she could only bear the
thought of turning up in so many other people's lives
at once.  Based in Newcastle, UK, Fiona Wright is
known for her stylized and functional choreography,
combined with a personalized vein of writing.

**Sunday, February 25, 7:30pm**

Alan Sondheim (US) - ski/nn & Interior Avatar

Laetitia Sonami & Sue Costabile (US) - The Appearance
of Silence (The Invention of Perspective)

Tyne Dogger artist
Fiona Wright (UK) - On Lying (in a blue dress/early

Litó Walkey (CAN) and Boris Hauf (AUT) - instanded i
Broadcasting through the web from their current home
base Berlin, Walkey and Hauf present a "concert of
reconstructions," in response to Samuel Beckett's
Film, the paintings of Michael Borremans,
storytelling, and country music.  Litó Walkey is a
member of Chicago-based Goat Island and in 2005, as
Links Hall Artistic Associate, she curated a drop of
water: Dance from Europe.  Boris Hauf is the founder
of efzeg, and often plays with the Chicago-based bands
tvpow and Lozenge. www.lito.klingt.org;

**Saturday February 17, 2 - 3:30pm**
  John Cayley, Tyne Dogger artist
Tyne Dogger
Panel Discussion
Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington
First Floor Garland Room
Tyne Dogger artists Donna Rutherford, TNWK (cris cheek
and Kirsten Lavers), and Fiona Wright discuss their
individual work, their experiences in the field of
Live Art, and the current climate of Live
Art/Performance in the UK/Europe.  Issues of
commonality and distinction between Chicago and the
UK, and the challenges of creation, presentation and
sustainability, will be addressed.  The panel will be
moderated by OPENPORT curator Mark Jeffery.

**Thursday February 22 & Friday February 23**
The Disappearance of Latitude: Live Presence and
Realtime in Contemporary Practices
A two-day symposium
This symposium brings together theorists and
practitioners from a variety of backgrounds to present
lectures and participate in discussions formulated
around the themes of "Live" and "Realtime," and topics
that arise from this convergence of terms.  As with
the OPENPORT performance series, the intention of the
symposium is to group speakers from fields and
backgrounds that, while perhaps not normally exposed
to one another, may share a common vocabulary.  This
symposium is presented in collaboration with The
School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Performance

ADVANCE REGISTRATION ESSENTIAL: email mjeffe at saic.edu
or write to SAIC, Performance Department, c/o Mark
Jeffery, 280 S. Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL 60603.
Please include name, phone number, email address,
affiliation (if any), number and names of people you
are reserving for.  Reservation deadline: Monday,
February 19.

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