[NetBehaviour] artafterscience at ARCO 07, Madrid.

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Mon Jan 29 16:31:42 CET 2007

artafterscience at ARCO 07, Madrid.
After several months of hard work on various collaborations, two 
galleries will be taking artafterscience projects to ARCO 07, Madrid 
Feb. 15-19.
The Galeria Punto, Valencia (Stand 7E, No. 178) will be showing the 
video installation La Noche Electoral (Election Night), all about 
ideologies, history and spectacle. Created in collaboration with Los 
Torreznos, who have been selected to represent Spain at the Venice 
Biennale, the video installation is an edit of old newsreels and 
educational films along with their performance  -.
The Galeria Canem (Stand 7E, No. 187), Castellón, will exhibit the new 
media project Minimal Movement with Music created by artafterscience 
(Adrian Marshall and Zev Robinson) in collaboration with composer Diego 
Dall Osto with interaction between the video and the music. The random 
elements and processes create a generative work in which the viewer 
never sees the same thing twice. We have been working closely with Diego 
on other collaborations which will be showing later in the year.
As usual, more info at www.artafterscience.com
Hope to see you there.
Zev Robinson

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