[NetBehaviour] dance tunes 4 anita berber

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Jan 31 02:12:31 CET 2007

dance tunes 4 anita berber

http://www.asondeim.org/hell.mov once again

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somewhere, said something! - This is just a dead-end piece; I found Waite
don't have for our dead! Who has the time! Hundreds of thousands dead in
hello maud, when you read this, rilke will be dead Alphabetical: and
answered are back blind cleansed cured dead deaf Go good ... On whatever
any of them falls when they are dead, it shall be unclean; be cleansed.
... Alphabetical: and are blind cleansed cured dead deaf good the
saturation. the dead-sex link with death and pain. the dead linkage. want
to die. to dead from and try i old. from from old. to i want to die. my
words my i want to die. try dead words head. bones to old. my lead. falls
i'm my lead. drop dead are drop won't my my my my be you cold. my my won't
kill head. are dead drop yourself. be skin are from kill take drop blind
anchor. dead up and eyes eyes shall crawl to weight ears blind buried
crawl ago eyes deaf weight bed. and eyes ears. eyes ago dead weight die.
dead bones old. skin i'm skin are are from my my and my my dead drop bed.
and i to weight dead i shall and anchor. buried and weight ago blind
dominion, the distinction that makes a distinction: live and dead, hunter
in absolom silent dead and white morphine. murder mucous murmured voices
mayhem vortex morphine misery blood morphine. 2 pico zz 3 dict murder 4
dict murder | more 5 pico zz 6 dict morphine 7

what happens when two dancers complete the "octopus dance" - long a
traditional Switzerland favorite - Oh they dance, fine enough, but what
would happen if the bluff gave way, these dancers, who continued in spite
of all the obstacles life's thorny of the most remarkable dancer in recent
memory! fifteen or twenty hours of brilliant dance, video, soundwork, even
just Crepuscle (Twilight) explores the exigencies of dance, eroticism,
cultural the conventions of dance - turning dance inside-out. For the
photographed dreamed dreamed by spoken may poetics with may and dance sex,
dance-video not images dance-video violence. I never have done will never
forgiven. will go I on. will film sight sound to sight to dance. sex,
spoken sex, poetics of sex. I may work with dance and sex and dance-video
and sex. I will not work with images of sexual violence. I dance. lose the
body and sexuality; i wanted the dance-movement of the wires.

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