[NetBehaviour] re:(Do It With Others) EMail Art project on netbehaviour

james at jwm-art.net james at jwm-art.net
Wed Jan 31 12:45:16 CET 2007

I chanced upon the D.I.W.O page on netbehaviour.org after my "Medium
Disassembly Gauge" post and in that spirit provide this:

1) a 300 DPI 1bit(b&w) PNG image (184kb) downoad from:
***** http://www.jwm-art.net/medium_disassembly_gauge-1bit.png

2) a 300 DPI SVG (scalable vector graphics) image (705kb) download from:
***** http://www.jwm-art.net/medium_disassembly_gauge.svg

the first captures inked fibres of the paper protruding from the lines.
the second is completely scalable and captures the fibrous marks in a
more stylized way. (anyone want to print it out billboard size?)

anyone's welcome to use as they wish for the DIWO email art proj


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