[NetBehaviour] Wilhelm Steinitz [The Bore].

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Wed Jan 31 19:48:56 CET 2007

Wilhelm Steinitz [The Bore].


"What Steinitz gave to chess could be compared to what Newton gave to 
Physics: he made it a true science. By isolating a number of positional 
features on the board, Steinitz came to realize that all brilliant 
attacks resulted from a weakness in the opponent's defense. By studying 
and developing the ideas of these positional features, he perfected a 
new art of defense that sharply elevated the current level of play. 
Furthermore, he outlined the idea of an attack in chess formed off of 
what we now know as "Accumulation Theory", the slow addition of many 
small advantages."

Plenty of other chess items to wrap your hungry cranium around on Social 
fiction :-)

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