[NetBehaviour] 070707 UpStage Festival: coming live to a screen very very near you ...

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Fri Jul 6 12:45:58 CEST 2007

Hi Helen,

 >From 2.30 to 11.30pm NZ time, on Saturday 7th July,

Sounds awsome!

What time difference is it between UK and NZ?


> The 070707 UpStage Festival kicks off in less than 24 hours, live
> online and at the New Zealand Film Archive in Wellington, NZ. From
> 2.30 to 11.30pm NZ time, on Saturday 7th July, performances created
> in UpStage by artists from around the world will delight, entrance,
> engage, baffle, amuse and rock you!
> http://www.upstage.org.nz has all the information, including links to
> find your local time for each show, and 15 minutes before each show
> there will be a live link directly to the stage for that show.
> come and be part of this festival of online performance!
> h : )

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