[NetBehaviour] Free speech? Not in Italy: Piero Ricca’s Blog censored

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Thu Jul 19 23:59:18 CEST 2007

graziano, thanks for writing and sending this email,

internet is becoming a really dangerous... tool...

please, i would be interested in the development of that matter...

i have an odd theory about the similarities of spanish and italian 
states. i supose that in all the states around the world does happen 
peculiar things related to the huge power of the state...

and i hope that we can manage this tool in order to defend ourselves 
from "it". or "them".

if you have the chance, give strong-hearty regards to piero

Graziano Milano escribió:
> Piero Ricca, is an Italian citizen owning a blog in which he speaks
> about politics and justice. A sort of Italian Michael Moore armed with
> a video digital camera and his speech.
> On 10th July 2007 the blog of Piero Ricca (www.pieroricca.org) has
> been censored. Blocked actually as Italian police changed passwords,
> blocked posts on the site, deleted articles; although we can still
> leave comments on his last 'legal' articles to express our solidarity
> (please do so).
> What happened? Why this blog has been censored?
> Some time ago, Piero met Emilio Fede, a "journalist", director of TG4,
> Rete4 News (part of Berlusconi's TV network) and asked him how it is
> possible that Rete4 continues to transmit illegally and abusively
> using TV frequencies that a final judgement of the Italian
> Constitutional Court has assigned to Europa7, a new independent
> channel? In response to that question Piero was first given by Mr Fede
> a false declaration of his resignation, then was called a "stupid" and
> finally received a spit. When Piero tried to respond to those
> provocations, he got threatened both physically and by legal actions
> (video clip at www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KbGNQwO7es).
> Following that incident Piero's blog was closed on 10th July 2007 by
> an order of the Rome Prosecutors' office, a "preventive removal"
> notified to Piero by two officers of the "Italian Finance Police
> special unit against ICT frauds". The order was the result of a legal
> action for defamation presented by Mr Fede against Piero following the
> above incident. With the same measure the Police deleted one of
> Piero's posts relating to the Mr Fede's incident and the related
> comments. For technical reasons, they were unable to remove the video
> from YouTube.
> So a "pirate TV" owned by a former Italian Prime Minister can continue
> to broadcast illegally for years, but if a citizen demands some
> explanations his blog gets banned from the internet. Dangerous idea of
> Justice in a western democracy: strong with the common citizen, weak
> with the powerful.
> Now Piero is thinking to move his blog outside Italy in order to avoid
> censorship in the future. The website Qui Milano Libera
> (www.quimilanolibera.net) has been hosting Piero's voice while his
> blog is blocked and every blog in Italy is echoing his story. One
> thing is for sure no one will manage to remove Piero's freedom of
> speech or ours for that matter.
> MrG
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