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b xperimënts mediaidea at arkania.org
Fri Jul 20 12:13:33 CEST 2007


i've been xperimenting the myspace thing.


i wanted to xperiment second life, but i've been told that they need my 
credit card number. is it correct? i need my credit card number too... 
right now it is not good for it to dicrease more its amount...

so... i am xperimenting myspace for free but...

... i am not sure about what are they doing with my presence and the 
presence of lot of people. i don't know if there are robots getting into 
my pc, i don't know who is earning a crazy amount of money because of 
the adds in every single page, i don't know what is under the surface of 
that "inocent and funny" software.

a very good thing is that i have met a girl from poland who paints 
beautiful and who knows bruno schulz, another girl from belgium, a man 
from japan, i hear the voices of the world, there is a amazing diversity...

sometimes i feel overwhelmed by it, but i'm growing with each name and 
face, they get in me and i feel how big and infinite is the world.

i also felt that in myspace there is an idolatry feeling. we look for 
our heros, the big ones, the writers, the hendrix's, the dutch masters, 
the joel peter witkins... and we feel good because we are in the same 
space than they.

the difficult step is go forward it. auriea, you know that: the 
difficulty is to penetrate the no time of the time or something like 
that... or to drink a glass of wine with old zeus in any bar of athens, 
hi zeus, hi is the sky today?, have you seen another sweet girl around?

(someone has had the nightmare-etic idea of writing a page "as" emily 
dickinson, who was not, as far as i've read her poetry, just a sweet 
lady from the states. she was bigger than that, and went futher than 
t.s.elliot in same poems)

just sharing these thoughts... love,

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