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b xperimënts mediaidea at arkania.org
Thu Jul 26 20:50:28 CEST 2007

when we enter anatomy, we are an ip floating a wonderful space.

it makes a noise

and the noise goes stronger when someone else goes into.

i remember to have anatomy opened years ago, while i was working, for 
not being alone.

years ago, i did not know how an ip means to me... to all the conected,

funny feeling: i felt a bit surprised when i've discovered my own ip in 
de the diwo thing. not exactly, but almost.


from this line, my thoughts go on. but i'm not sure to want to share 
them. just because i'm clusmsy, you know...

i just put on the table 2 ways
of being a ip,

ARN escribió:
> heloo
> Attached is a composition generated by cpe-xx-xx-xx-xx.nyc.res.rr.com for DIWO.
> To generate a composition:
> 1.browse the artnode: http://www.x257.com/artnode.php?ml=NetBehaviour
> 2.click on a 'Generate a picture from this text' button
> 3.click on 'DIWO' button to send the picture to the list
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