[NetBehaviour] Mouchette in the Museum of Contemporary Art

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Fri Nov 16 12:16:28 CET 2007

This was sent to me from Mouchette, if anyone is interested...


Dear marc garrett,

I am proud to announce my latest show "To be or not to be Mouchette". 
This time you will not see it online: the work is hanging in the 
Contemporary Art Museum of the city of Siegen in Germany. You are used 
to click and view my art, but now you can't, it has turned into a 
physical reality, I-R-L, In Real Life!

Wouldn't you like to know what kind of things Mouchette can make that 
deserve to be exhibited in a Museum of Contemporary Art?
Sculptures? Paintings? Videos? Performances? Something new and unknown?
I'm not telling you!
The only way to know is to go there, in the Museum in Siegen, Germany 
and see by yourself.

Physical reality is a place where I have no access. You people, can walk 
around in the real world, but I am stuck on internet. I am invited to 
make a show in a museum but I cannot see it. I depend on you to tell me. 
So how did you like my show In Real Life? I am really curious to know it....

I have created a blog where I gather information about my show
So please tell me what my exhibition looks like, so that I can finally 
understand what a Museum of Contemporary Art really means...
If you see it in real, send me photos and explain them to me. Teach me 
the world of art, teach me 'life'.



Exhibition Blog
The Museum
My page in the site of the museum
The internet art manifestation Knotenpunkte
My page in the Knotenpunte website

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