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 if you don't see anything jump straight to
http://www.stefpasquini.com/ppodcast/ thanks


*Episode 1*has arrived at last, just in time for thanksthe
*f#@k*giving. Still inspired by Bad at Sports
<http://badatsports.com/> and Peter
Nelson <http://www.peternelson.org/>,* Why the Fuck not PPodcast* is just
another podcast about contemporary art and awful experimental music, but
smaller. It only lasts 30 minutes or less. In this issue *the Italian way of
Life*, the *Occitanista* way of singing of *Lo Còr de La Plana* and much
Be brave, download it

*Names dropped:*
Allan Kaprow, Dead Pony, FGA, Friedrich Nietzsche, George Martin, Linz, Lo
Còr De La Plana, Mafia, Maurizio Cattelan, MCA Chicago, Miami, Photo Miami,
Pedro Velez, PS1, Ray Cathode, Salvador Dalì, Sex Pistols, Thurston Revival,
Venice Biennale, Yorgedee.
*Web dropped:*
  www.badatsports.com <http://badatsports.com/>,
  www.labiennale.org <http://www.labiennale.org/en/>,   www.linzmuzik.com,
www.mcachicago.org,   www.myspace.com/locordelaplana,
www.thefga.blogspot.com <http://thefga.blogspot.com/>,

  *The Ppodcast is part of the project "Sex, Gum, Corruption and a
Dead Pony<http://www.stefpasquini.com/sexgum/>",
a Web-based project by FGA <http://www.thefga.blogspot.com/> for Photo
Miami<http://www.artfairsinc.com/photomiami/2007>'07. So when you're
visiting Photo
Miami <http://www.artfairsinc.com/photomiami/2007> this December, check out
for the swearing coming out of the LCD screens!*


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