[NetBehaviour] Submedialogy and Bricolabs - IRC panel in two weeks

ricardo ruiz doutorsocratesoreidofutebol at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 10:35:14 CET 2007

Hi all

Submidialogia #3 is drawing closer, and I'm still
interested in proposing a remote panel, trying to
find possibilites for collaboration between people
and projects with interests alike across the globe.
The theme could be "Bricolabs for submedialogy"
or something like that.

It might be possible to set up a video stream from
Lençóis, but the best way to have an interesting
conversation is probably by chat. We'll have a chat
room in irc.indymedia.org. For those of you not
used to irc clients, there is also the indymedia
browser interface. We have set up a form to make
it easier (currently in portuguese, but english
version available soon):


The question now is when. SMLG3 happens in december,
from 7th to 11th. What do you people think of monday,
december 10th, ~18h GMT (16h in Lençóis, Bahia, Brazil)?

Brico mailing list
Brico at lists.dyne.org

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http://efeefe.no-ip.org - Blogue
http://bricolabs.net - BricoLabs, né?
http://metareciclagem.org - Nova versao!
http://pub.descentro.org - Virou...

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platform at waag.org

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