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When Designs Flicker.

Florian Cramer

April 30th, 2006

In 1976, developmental psychologists Harry McGurk and John MacDonald
dubbed a video recording of a person prouncing the word "ka" with the a
sound recording of a person uttering the syllable "ma." Unlike in movies
dubbed into a different language, listeners actually "heard" the syllable
formed by the lip movements as opposed to the one that was spoken on the
audio track. Alternatively, the audio-recorded syllable "ba" synched with
the lip pronounciation of "ga" results in a perception of the word "da."
{1} Various demonstrations of this phenomenon exist in the web, for
example on the site http://www.media.uio.no/personer/arntm/
McGurk_english.html, proving not only that the effect works, but that it
functions even when the video has only a poor resolution and image quality
below older analog home video standards. The "McGurk effect" (as it is
officially called) demonstrates that what we see can actually alter what
we hear. It also shows that different sense perceptions can not be
isolated, but interfere, thus rendering classifications and separations of
single "media" more problematic than it conventionally seems. The effect
is also shaking our common assumptions of the physicality of sense
perception, showing how perception is neither passive, nor objective, but
literally means to make sense. Feeding those makings of sense back to the
senses, Dragana Antic's Sounds of the Qualia is a precise reflection of
this. When user of her installation hear their own footsteps anew, as
unfamiliar sounds, behavioral automatisms get disrupted and exposed. Just
like in one's puzzled observation of the McGurk effect, perceptional
awareness results not only in heightened critical awareness of oneself in
relation to one's environment. The deconditioning also reveals the
subconscious and imaginary.


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