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Wed Nov 28 17:32:54 CET 2007

Event: University of East London / School of Architecture and Visual 
Arts / Digital Arts and Visual Communications

Digital Arts and Visual Communications Presents:

5 Digital Arts Speakers

present and discuss their practice

Wednesday 5th December / UEL Docklands Library Lecture Theatre / 12-4.30

http://www.uel.ac.uk <http://www.uel.ac.uk/>


Chris Speed

Chris Speed's research addresses the synthesis and tensions between Social
Navigation, Digital Architecture and Human Geography. He has recently
returned from an artists residency programme at Unitec, Auckland, where the
work 'Reading Rooms' (http://x.i-dat.org/speed/readingrooms) was 
developed to
visualise how a building might look if its architecture reflected the books
that its inhabitants were reading. Operating in real-time the system 
social and architectural data with dynamic 3D computer modelling to generate
a 'social' map of a place.

Chris Speed contributes to the continuing development and extension of the
Cybrid / Arch-OS project that provides Portland Square with the technology
and software to manifest social, environmental and architectural phenomena
through digital systems. Speed is known for his Random Lift button, 
which has
been installed in two of the elevators and is a component of the Arch-OS
scheme. The button challenges employee's routines in the workplace, and
offers a new model for developing social exchange through disorder.

Chris Speed is based in i-DAT, at the University of Plymouth

Christian Nold

Christian Nold is an artist, designer and educator working to develop new
participatory models for communal representation. In 2001 he wrote the well
received book 'Mobile Vulgus', which examined the history of the political
crowd and which set the tone for his research into participatory mapping.
Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2004, Christian has led a
number of large scale sensory neighbourhood mapping projects and worked with
multidisciplinary teams on academic citizenship research projects. In
particular his 'Bio Mapping' project has received large amounts of
international publicity and been staged in 16 different countries and over
1500 people have taken part in workshops and exhibitions. These 
projects have a strong pedagogical basis and compliment Christian's formal
university teaching.

Christian Nold is based at the Bartlett, University College London.


Collaborating as boredomresearch, Vicky Isley and Paul Smith have gained an
international reputation for interrogating the creative role of computing.
Their enthusiasm for scientific modelling techniques and fascination with
natural systems inspires them to produce beautifully crafted software art
that presents an exciting alternative to our technologically fraught lives.

boredomresearch have produced a number of interactive sound applications,
public artworks, online projects and computational soundscapes which have
been shown both nationally and internationally at events such as CAe, Banff
Centre of Arts (2007), ACE, Hollywood (2006), Third Iteration, Melbourne
(2005), SIGGRAPH, Boston (2006) &  LA (2005), FILE04, Brazil (2004), NOW,
Nottingham (2004), Data:base, Dublin (2003), Electrohype, Sweden (2002),
Garage, Germany (2002). Their computational system Ornamental Bug Garden 001
(2004) has been awarded honorary mention at VIDA 7.0 Art & Artificial Life
International Competition (2005) & Transmediale.05, Berlin (2005).

Boredomresearch are Research Fellows in Computer Animation & Computer Art at
the National Centre of Computer Animation, Bournemouth University UK, 
and are
represented by [DAM] Berlin.

Marc Garrett

Net artist, media artist, curator, writer, street artist, activist,
educationalist and musician. Emerging in the late 80's from the streets
exploring creativity via agit-art tactics. Using unofficial, experimental
platforms such as the streets, pirate radio such as the locally popular
'Savage Yet Tender' alternative broadcasting 1980's group, net broadcasts,
BBS systems, performance, intervention, events, pamphlets, warehouses and
gallery spaces. In the early nineties, was co-sysop (systems operator) for a
while with Heath Bunting on Cybercafe BBS, dedicated to arts, technology and

Marc Garrett is Co-director and co-founder, with artist Ruth Catlow, of the
net arts collectives and communities- furtherfield.org, furthernoise.org,
netbehaviour.org, NODE London Festival of Media Arts, and the HTTP 
Gallery in
London, UK.

Helen Sloan

Helen Sloan has worked as a curator, researcher, writer, editor and producer
in media arts and culture since late 1980s. Helen has worked both freelance
and as a curator at organisations such as Camerawork, FACT, ICA and Site
Gallery as well as directing festivals such as Across Two Cultures in
Newcastle 1996 (an early conference on the overlapping practice of creative
thinking in arts and science) and Metapod, Birmingham 2001 - 2. Current 
of interest and curatorial work inlcude the points of intersection of 
and culture, immersive environments, media arts and the creative 
economy, and
wearable and soft technologies.

Since 2003, she has been Director of SCAN, a networked organisation and
creative development agency for media arts in the South of England 
working on
media arts projects and strategic initiatives in arts organisations, 
institutions and further aspects of the public realm.

Helen Sloan will chair the panel discussion

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