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Neil Jenkins neiljenkins at devoid.co.uk
Thu Apr 3 23:58:42 CEST 2008

Dear netbehaviourists,
Roger and his team over at furthernoise.org have just published the  
April edition for your listening pleasure :)


Along with a host of new reviews, we bring you news of upcoming  
events and performances as well as an audio player stacked with all  
the best tracks of the issue. I hope you enjoy the issue and as  
always welcome all comments and proposals.

Furthernoise issue April 2008

"David Tagg - Waist Deep Seas of Milk" (review)
New York musician, David Tagg, has seen The Future of Modern Guitar.  
And this sonic seer's astral projections are sumptuously spread  
across the ambient expanses of Waist Deep Seas of Milk, though all  
trace of twang, pluck and strum is dissolved in FX haze and spun out  
in endless echo returns.
review by Alan Lockett

"Favourite Places" (review)
Everyone has a favourite place, whether cosy internal retreat or  
cherished patch of Great Outdoors. Forest, bathtub, museum and alley  
find common cause on this audio-document from Audiobulb, compiling  
ten pieces representing selected artists' Favourite Places. Captured  
field recordings blend with musical treatments to make mementoes  
enfolding inspiring source within inspired composition.
review by Alan Lockett

"Hectic Tenuous - Chic Nerve" (review)
Starting with flanged, panned scratching (ala fingernails, not  
decks), this solo CDR from The Caution Curves laptop lady Rebecca  
Mills, is an eleven track melange of textures, echoes, drones,  
processed field recordings and even the occasional bit of singing!
review by Mark Francombe

"La Ciutat Ets Tu - Tomasz Krakowiak" (review)
La Ciutat Et Tu surrounds the listener with evolving percussive  
transformations in timbre. The compositions have a circular unwinding  
quality, never abrasive and utterly hypnotic. Tomasz Krakowiak is a  
Polish-born percussionist now living in Toronto, Canada. Having  
collaborated with the likes of Kaffe Matthews, John Oswald, Phil  
Minton, Otomo Yoshihide, Gert-Jan Prins among others
review by Derek Morton

"Love City by Dsic" (review)
Dsic, also known as Greg Godwin, is a Bristol-based noise artist that  
employs a wide range of influences and sound sources. Love City and  
the miniDsic EP, both released through Lf Records, weave their way  
through noise, drone, glitch, ambient and microsound.
review by Alex Young

"Nelson Foltz and Tom Lynn - Still Life (series)" (review)
The internally themed Rothko-esque cover art of the Still Life series  
could stand as a semiotic of Nelson Foltz and Tom Lynn’s sound, with  
its slow-shifting tones that spread across a spartan canvas -  
ostensibly static swathes that reveal micro-variativity on deeper  
review by Alan Lockett

"Of Memory & Dreams - Bill Thompson" (review)
There is a trajectory that many improvised electro acoustic  
performances reach, which although unique in every given context,  
often manage to take you to a zen like point where you become one  
with the signal and phase in and out of listening to the development  
of structure or dynamic of the work.
review by Roger Mills

"Three Rooms - Steve Peters" (review)
Sound artist Steve Peters' recent CD, Three Rooms documents three of  
his site-specific installations. The three pieces succeed without  
reference to the installations for which the pieces were originally  
composed, capturing the quiet reflection of the original locations.
review by Caleb Deupree

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