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_Calling all elit authors for a satirical wiki project_

In the 10th anniversary issue of Bunk Magazine, we are soliciting elit
writers to contribute satirical posting to a fictional wiki newspaper.

The premise: The Los Angeles Times, to save its flagging enterprise, has
relaunched itself in an entirely wiki format as The Los Wikiless Timespedia.


The piece plays with the mode of wikis and is a consideration of how old
media producers get new media wrong.

We're specifically looking for media-specific parodies, poking fun at wiki
features and wiki culture:
*Revert Wars
*Talk Pages
*Interwiki links

You can already see examples of contested articles, articles accidentally
pasted in help pages, odd comments in the update histories.

Of course there is also plenty of room for wiki parodies of newspaper
content. The issue already includes: Want Ads, Comics, DIY Obituaries, Kids
soccer reports, and more.

The feature is currently up and will remain the Bunk front page for at least
6 months. Afterwards it will enter the hallowed Bunk archives.

Please join us in some cyber-satire. This is online humor that everyone can

Participation guidelines below.

Mark Marino
Bunk Magazine


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: http://knott404.blogspot.com
: http://netwurker.livejournal.com
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