[NetBehaviour] Stranger of the Month - analogue open source?

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Tue Apr 8 11:03:40 CEST 2008

Hi Annie,

Yes I'll ask her today :-)

> Marc ,
> Could you please ask Kerrie Dee to keep us informed on her project.
> Best
> Annie
> On Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 2:24 AM, marc garrett 
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> wrote:
>     Part of the upcoming Next Wave Festival (Melbourne, May).
>     Setting up office as part of the 2008 Next Wave Festival, Stranger of
>     the Month invites members of the public to visit our mailroom
>     where our
>     clerks will assist you in distributing instructions to unsuspecting
>     strangers via fax, post and the web.
>     Stranger of the Month is an amateur publishing project based on novel
>     forms of distribution and collective creativity. A service for
>     generating instructions for the anonymous other, Stranger of the Month
>     takes its cue from 'how to' manuals, spy novels, new age self-help
>     mantras, and minor acts of everyday subversion.
>     Coming from a non-technical background I have attempted to mimic
>     an open
>     source community while being deliberately low-fi in my approach
>     (instructions are typed on a 50s Brother typewriter).
>     While the concept contains ideas that have been circulating amongst
>     these practices for some time, my goal was really to create a
>     collective
>     expression of these practices. I love the idea of an open source
>     database for instructions/ participatory art/ games for example - a
>     toolkit for public engagement. I will be encouraging artists to
>     attach a
>     creative commons license on these works, although issues of artistic
>     ownership are strangely placed in this project, and am still not
>     decided
>     on whether this will seem almost token.
>     Part of the project also includes participatory projects by
>     artists, to
>     be published in print media during the festival and performed live in
>     public space. One such project by Hugh Davies is an analogue
>     version of
>     a locative game involving hand-drawn maps. Taking participants on a
>     trail through the city from one map to another, participants
>     follow the
>     instructions until the few left are invited to draw their own maps and
>     take over the game, thus providing the potential for new
>     situations and
>     interventions to occur.
>     I am currently working on the website - it should be complete by May.
>     It's www.strangerofthemonth.com
>     <http://www.strangerofthemonth.com> for those who are interested.
>     Best Wishes,
>     Kerrie-Dee
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