[NetBehaviour] l'hommage

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Apr 9 04:56:15 CEST 2008


Homage to Talan Memmott's summary presentation at the recent NSF Codework
Workshop with a light-hearted romp of somewhat silly maneuvers - not his
presentation a light-hearted romp, but the homage to the presentation
which was as well summary of the workshop and brilliant performance. I had
to do this, keep working, keep my hand in up to the elbows shouldering the
pain in the neck bringing code to its knees. What silliness. Now I have to
do something else. Now I must do something else. Now I need to do it. Now
I want to do it.

I want to do something else. I am tired of the human body. Mine like yours
is dying. I didn't ask for it to be here. I didn't ask for I, I didn't ask
for anything. If my body were online it would be airless, you could make
it float, you could look inside me, I could fly, you could tell me when
and where to fly, you could make me speak, you could make me say anything
you want, you could make me naked, you could make me sex anything you want
or crawl anything you want, you could make me jump.

You could dress me in a nice suit of clothes, you could make me Valeska
G., you could make me whore-stumble, clown-dance, traffic-cope, you could
make me disappear, every time you come back, I am resurrect. You could
make me you, you could give me life, spirit, texture, coordinate, home,
supplement, hair, eye, breast, waist, foot, arm, head, lip.

Could you threaten me, you could not threaten me, you could disappear, I
could disappear, I could change, run, walk, fly, you could do nothing, I
could do everything, you could make me dirty dirty, you could not make me
dirty, you could not make anything dirty dirty, not me, I'm tired of this,
I'm in nice darkspace, bad darkspace, anyspace, anysign, I'm not tired of
anything, defuge is a sickness, you are defuge, nauseous, dismal, dank,

O look at me move, look at you move, look at moves, look at nothing, look
at sheave-skin, look at hole, look corrode, look decay, Oh look! All falls
apart, nothing coordinates, has coordinates, axis, scale, affinage, twis-
tage, unlinkage, mucilage, walkage, moveage, loginage. Oh look I am so me
so very naughty! Oh look I'm naked!


weevily abhorrent yucky airsick anguished airsick anxious abhorrent
anxious anxious airsick barfy anxious anxious bored anxious barfy brackish
bad brackish brackish barfy cheerless brackish bored cloying brackish
carsick cloying brackish cloying depressed carsick disgusted cloying
cloying disgusting cloying disgusted emetic depressed emetic emetic
disgusted foul emetic emetic fulsome emetic foul grim fetid grim grim foul
icky grim fulsome joyless grim high joyless grim joyless loathsome high
maggoty joyless joyless mawkish joyless maggoty nasty loathsome nasty
nasty maggoty nauseated nasty nasty nauseating nasty nauseated noisome
nauseant noisome noisome nauseated offensive noisome nauseating overripe
noisome noxious pleasureless noisome overripe pleasureless noxious
poisonous pleasureless overripe prey pleasureless poisonous to
pleasureless to to poisonous pukish to prey puky to malaise qualmish
malaise qualmish qualmish pukish qualmy qualmish puky rancid qualmish
qualmy rank qualmish rancid rank qualmy rebarbative rank rancid repelled
rank rebarbative repellent rank repellent repellent rebarbative repulsive
repellent repelled revolted repellent repugnant revolting repugnant
revolted revolting repulsive rotten revolting revolted seasick revolting
rotten sickened revolting seasick sickened rotten sickening sickened
seasick spoiled sickened sickening squeamish sickened squeamish stinking
sickening suffering stinking spoiled angst squeamish stinking uneasy
stinking angst uneasy suffering unfulfilled uneasy angst unhappy uneasy
unfulfilled unpleasant uneasy unhappy unpleasant unfulfilled unquiet
unpleasant unhappy unsatisfied unpleasant unquiet vile unpleasant vile
vomity unquiet weevily vomity unsatisfied yucky vomity vomity vomity yucky
weevily yucky

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