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Today is Auckland Time #2!

1. Call for Entries: NZFF Homegrown
Apply by 18 April 2008
The 2008 New Zealand International Film Festival in collaboration with 
Toi Rerehiko Media and Interdisciplinary Arts centre (MIC) call for 
submissions for Homegrown, New Zealand's premiere showcase of local 
short film, video and animation. For more information, please visit 
mic.org.nz, or http://www.nzff.telecom.co.nz/n4364.html to download an 
entry form.
Nicole Edwards
Curatorial Intern
MIC Toi Rerehiko
(aka Moving Image Centre)
Galatos Bar and Venue: 17 Galatos St
Office and Gallery: 1st floor, 321 Karangahape Rd, Newton
Auckland, New Zealand

2. Seminar: Communique '08: Repossession - place, space and memory
By Marcus Williams, Artist and Senior Academic Staff Member, Unitec, New 
29 April 2008, 1:00pm to 2:00pm in the Design Lecture Theatre, 
Conference Centre, 22 Symonds Street, Auckland.
Marcus Williams is an artist, curator and teacher who has a 
cross-disciplinary art practice working in a wide range of media with a 
strong emphasis in photography. He makes artist's books, video's, 
photographic prints and internet projects often combining these 
strategies into 'total installations'. Marcus has an enduring interest 
in collaboration and has collaborated with a wide range of artists in 
New Zealand and in Europe. He has exhibited throughout New Zealand and 
in Australia, UK, US, France, Italy, Austria, Estonia and Russia. In 
"Repossession - Place, Space and Memory" Marcus will discuss three 
different multi media projects which explore photography and its 
relationship to space, site and memory.

3. Call for Applications: William Hodges Fellowship
Apply by Thursday 1 May 2008
Applications are invited from New Zealand visual artists. The William 
Hodges Fellowship programme may award up to three residencies of 
thirteen weeks (between Sunday 1 February 2009 - Sunday 20 December 
2009) each year. It is expected that through the residency the recipient 
will contribute to the Southland art community by undertaking a series 
of work and a small amount of tutoring. Accommodation and Studio space 
is provided, together with living and working costs.
For more information and application forms, contact:
Lynn Frew
The Southland Art Foundation,
PO Box 1012, Invercargill
email: lynnjohn at woosh.co.nz

4. Seminar: Communique '08: Urban design and planning in New Zealand: 
Land of the long white cloud or long red tape?
By Marilyn Higgins and Emilia Kabzamalova.
27 May 2008, 1:00pm to 2:00pm in the Design Lecture Theatre, Conference 
Centre, 22 Symonds Street
Marilyn Higgins is Deputy Head of the School of Architecture and 
Planning, University of Auckland. Emilia Kabzamalova is a Senior Tutor 
at the School of Architecture and Planning, University of Auckland. How 
effective is the planning system in New Zealand in promoting good 
quality urban design? This seminar presents results of research carried 
out this year, based on interviews with a number of key players. It 
evaluates the success of the Government's urban design initiatives and 
looks at examples drawn from around the country. It is hoped that a 
lively debate will ensue!

5. Call for Entries: Temporary Sculpture Installation
Apply By Saturday 31 May 2008
New Zealand artists are invited to submit concept proposals for the 4th 
Annual Temporary Sculpture Installation project at the Connells Bay 
Sculpture Park on Waiheke Island. The commission is for a temporary 
installation. The work should be sculptural in nature and created for an 
outdoor site in a coastal/rural environment. It is important that the 
proposed work is ephemeral in nature and not simply a pre-built object 
for sale. The work is to be installed at Connells Bay Sculpture Park. 
The specific site for the work will be selected by the artist in 
consultation with the Trustees. Note that it is imperative that the work 
is sufficiently robust to remain installed in a coastal/rural 
environment for at least 6 months. It will be exposed to rain, wind and sun.
Contact and further information:
John and Jo Gow
Connells Bay Sculpture Trust
Cowes Bay Road
Waiheke Island
T: 09 372 8957
e:info at connellsbay.co.nz
w: http://www.connellsbay.co.nz

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