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ricardo ruiz doutorsocratesoreidofutebol at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 15:10:16 CEST 2008

Dear @ll

First of all, I'd like to invite you all to check the presentation
about the stage of the artworks we've been developing in Brazil. We
gonna present in London on May, 27, on the RCA, thanks to Bronac
Ferran that invited us for a series of talks she is hosting at the
Royal College. It will be really good to see some old friends again
and, best of all, to drink a pint of a good beer after it :)

After it, on 30/31 May, we will have a workshop on mimoSa
(http://turbulence.org/Works/mimoSa) on Plymouth arts centre, in
Plymouth, thanks to Birgitte Aga and Paula Orwell after a short
meeting with a terrible dinner we had in Rio de Janeiro last year.
What is important is that we will be experimenting a new model of
mimoSa workshop - with drums and media mobile devices that youngsters
in the UK are so used to. So, if you have nothing to do during the
weekend of the 30th, UK coast can be a funny place to stay.

But, and of course, we are traveling completely out of money! What is
great! Plymouth Arts Centre funded my Tickets to London and The
Ministry of Culture of Brazil is funding Balbino's flight. The Royal
College of Arts, thanks again to Bronac, is helping with the train
tickets to Plymouth. And my Credit Card will try to help us to eat!

So, what can we do? Of course, put you girls and guys to dance!

We selected some great vintage Brazilian samba vinyl records and we
are bringing they with us to the land of the Queen! So we'd like to
ask for your help to find places (bars, pubs, museums, restaurants,
parks, tube stations...) where we can play a truly Satanique Samba
Carnaval (O Carnaval de Satã!) and have some fee for it - - - note
that any fee is excellent!

So, if you have that friend that has that pub always empty and dark,
tell her/him to host us for one night of happiness and color! :D - It
will be really usefull for us to keep our stomachs fulfilled during
the summer days in England!

Of course we can also do another presentation about our work in other
cities and so on.

We are planning to arrive in London on May, 22 (a Thursday), take the
train to Plymouth on the 29th (Thursday again) and back to London on
the 1st of June, to arrive in Brazil on the 2nd or 3rd (we have to
make a movie about Brazilian military on borders and their community
approach with their satellite internet connection with indigenous
communities in the Heart of the Amazon Forest)

Hmm... Thats it. Please, let us know of any support for our journey :)
we can also change dates/plans to go to another city and so on...
Actually, I can even stay some days more, but Balbino can't.

Thanks in advance and hope to see you all, very, very soon,

ruiz and balbino

"A banda do Zé Pretinho chegou!
Para animar a festa! Salve Simpatia!

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