[NetBehaviour] Buddy Rivers live: 3-6pm today

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Sat Apr 26 11:02:16 CEST 2008

"Buddy Rivers Live at the Leroy  (the automatic comedian)" by Dave Miller
Venue: 55 Leroy St, Bermondsey, London SE1
Date: 26 April 3-6pm

The Leroy Club was a legendary venue in the 1950's comedy circuit,
where many famous comedians started out. One of these was Buddy
Rivers, who's returned to do this benefit performance to help save the
venue. He hasn't done standup for years and fears he's lost his edge,
so now uses computer programs and Internet searches to generate his
jokes. How will the audience react? Join in the show from 3-6pm at the
Leroy or online at:


'Buddy Rivers Live' is a live performance experiment in networked and
collaborative narratives. Dave Miller (http://davemiller.org) tells
stories through images and text-based works, mixing topical social and
political real-life issues, news and events, with his own experiences,
views and observations. His practice spans several art forms, from net
art exploring collaboration, networks and generative forms, to live
mapping events and printed booklets and prints.


Underground: Elephant & Castle, London Bridge, Tower Hill, Tower Gateway

National Rail: Elephant & Castle, London Bridge

Bus: 1, 42, 188
55 Leroy St: Further Investigations is a project by The Space
In-Between. The Space In-Between is an umbrella for a series of
experimental research and development projects. It aims to facilitate
interdisciplinary collaborations that extend artistic practice and
provide opportunities for artists and creative individuals to share
new work with interested audiences.

For further information contact Linda Duffy on 07905 408 121 /
lm_duffy at yahoo.com

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