[NetBehaviour] UK to Ban Possession of Certain 'Violent' Pornography.

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Wed Apr 30 12:46:03 CEST 2008

UK to Ban Possession of Certain 'Violent' Pornography.

Massive surveillance? Check.
Building a DNA database? Check.
Laws against thought crime? Not yet, but coming very soon.

The UK government is soon to pass legislation that would criminalise 
possession of certain types of 'violent' pornography, even if it was 
part of a consensual session between two adults. Lord Wallace of 
Tankerness pointed out an ideological schism during last week's debate 
in the House of Lords: 'If no sexual offence is being committed it seems 
very odd indeed that there should be an offence for having an image of 
something which was not an offence. ...

Having engaged in it consensually would not be a crime, but to have a 
photograph of it in one's possession would be a crime. That does not 
seem to make sense to me.'" Combine laws like this with widespread 
computer ownership, and it makes a whole lot of (Orwellian) sense.

Set up to fight this law, backlash explains why it should be opposed, 
what is being done and who else has spoken out against it.


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