[NetBehaviour] Skit For Louisa

james jwm-art net james at jwm-art.net
Mon Aug 4 01:23:47 CEST 2008

Skit For Louisa

I don't know anybody called Louisa and if I ever have I did not know her
well enough to remember that I knew a woman called Louisa.


Louisa was just some unknown person being talked about by a bunch of
drunk girls as they strolled home along the street after closing time.
They were unwittingly recorded from the window of a third floor flat
located between Whitstable high street and the sea front.

Other voices are probably from the TV.

This 'skit' as I've decided to call it (remembering the short little
ditties on Lewis Parker's album "It's All Happening Now/The Ancients
Series III") was produced in one evening and night on a fresh install
of 64Studio (a GNU/Linux distribution (based on Debian) tailored for
such endeavours).


The installation of 64studio onto my home PC, came about after installing
it on my girlfriend's laptop (after previously installing Suse and
hating KDE), and I installed it onto my PC to see how I got on with it.
And this 'skit' was produced in anticipation of the new PC I have
ordered which hopefully will arrive by the end of this week.

The trouble is, is, 64studio has all the stuff on that I use - almost.
But so much of the stuff that I use I had downloaded off the internet
and compiled from source - newer versions than are available in 64studio
(particularly Ardour2) - or the ISO I burnt from the magazine it came on
the front of.


So, and other things work like a folder pops up when I plugin my USB
memory stick - but now I can't unmount it from the commandline and have
to context-click it's folder icon on the desktop.

And there's no Fluxbox. Sure I like Gnome - visually it's far superior
to KDE, but you can't maximise just vertically or just horizontally,
only both at the same time. And you can't alt-right-click-drag to
resize a window. And it's got icons on the desktop. And the workspace
switching tool is not to my liking, and the programs menu is not so
easily customizable and does not pop up through right-click on the

I nearly wasted too much time trying to find a nice looking font for the
icons on the desktop: don't try, they all look crap, it's senseless,
just stick with the unobtrusive default SANS font.


I think I'll install 64Studio on my new computer once it arrives and

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