[NetBehaviour] Conversation on SL-based art

Patrick Lichty voyd at voyd.com
Tue Aug 5 00:52:59 CEST 2008

Fellow Netbehaviourists.

About 7 months ago, in their living room, Marc and Ruth wanted me to start leaking the texts I've been writing on Second Life and art in virtual worlds. I've actually been swamped or burned out after prior event, and I would like to offer you some content until such time I am able to release more texts.

For the last few weeks, I have been an informal sitting critic at Brooklyniswatching.com, the Second Life presence for the noted gallery, Jack the Pelican.  In many of the posts, usually related to the podcasts, you can find fairly lengthy posts related to some of my current thought on art in virtual worlds.  It's slightly rough, but this is on-the-fly blogging.

I can post some of it in an edit that is contextually framed for a large audience as well.

Best, Patrick.

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