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Dislocate08 Art, Technology, Locality www.dis-locate.net

Yokohama, Japan

30th August - 21st September

Dislocate is an ongoing project examining the relationship between art, 
technology and locality. Exploring the impact of new media upon our 
experience and expression of place, Dislocate08 examines the creative 
potential of the technologies which surround us to heighten our 
awareness of our locality, transforming our encounter with our direct 
environment and the manner in which we attempt to communicate this to 

Over 40 artists from Asia, Europe and America will be brought together 
over a three week period between 30th August - 21st September in 
Yokohama, Japan to join in a series of exhibitions, workshops, live 
events, artist talks and symposia. Through these events we aim to join 
in a collaborative exercise in which we reconsider the urban space 
around us and question our place as well as the place of new media. 
Dislocate will offer a platform for critical debate, challenging 
preconceptions in an event which aims to bring together a network in the 
consideration of the social and cultural concerns of new media and 
encourage public engagements and research in the field.


This year Dislocate will be examining our movement through place/s - 
investigating how a technologically induced momentum through our 
surroundings (and the various multiple places which this implies), how 
this impacts upon our perspective of where we are. Audiences will be led 
on Trails through the city in which Journey itself the destination - 
utilizing public transport, cycling, walking - and will in effect be 
making an expedition into the condition and context of that particular 
environment which may be enhanced or obstructed by the application of 
new media practices. A key feature of the festival is its mobility, not 
just constrained to one gallery space, many of the works request the 
viewer to take routes through the urban landscape, using public 
transport, bicycle or by foot.


Under the title of 'Constructing Place' Dislocate's symposium will bring 
together artists, designers, architects, urban planners in the 
exploration of our conceptualization of space and the impact of emerging 
technologies upon our relationship with our surroundings. In a debate 
upon the components which formulate place and the shift in definitions 
which these are undergoing we will explore the terms under which we 
realize location and how technology can further 'locate' us.


Yokohama is famous as a port of exchange, a gateway for international 
relations, a historical site of both commercial and cultural trade. With 
its various inlets and outlets, Yokohama is a buzzing network of 
transactions and communications. But with our rapid movement through 
fluctuating lines how can we take account of each footstep? Utilizing 
these networks, trains, subway, roads, alleys in a scrutinization of the 
moving city, workshops will set out an expedition in which we reflect 
upon our roaming through urban space and the fleeting exchanges which 
occur here.

 Artists include: Blast Theory, Drew Hemment, Hirakawa Norimichi, Venzha 
Christ, Hamilton, Southern & St Amand, Shikata Yukiko, Maebayashi 
Akitsugu, Terrie Cheung & Brian Kwok, Disinformation, Zhenchen Liu and 
many many more


30th August - 7th September Souzoukukan9001 www.9001.tv

6th September - 21st September ZAIM www.za-im.jp

30th August Opening event 9001

31st August Artist Talk 9001

6th 7th 13th 14th 15th September Artist Talk/workshops ZAIM

18th September Proboscis workshop ZAIM

19th September Yokohama Tour start at ZAIM

20th 21st September Symposium ZAIM

21st September Closing Event ZAIM

Dislocate is supported by Sasakawa Foundation, The British Council, Arts 
Council England and Musashino Art University

Please find further information at this link 

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us 
info at dis-locate.net

 Yours sincerely

Emma Ota



www.dis-locate.net <http://www.dis-locate.net>


Ginza Art Lab

104-0016 Tokyo

Chuo-ku Ginza 7-3-6

Yogashi West 2F



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