[NetBehaviour] flix

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Aug 18 22:55:27 CEST 2008



another attempt obviating moire/lissajous. site passed Vegas a while ago:

site has no weight, thin slice; what the screen does, inertial mass, some-
thing else, carrier or parasite. it all disappears shortly after death. I
need someone creating hardware, stone, nonexistent inscriptive bulwark.
Julu cries out of Titus Andronicus, will be forgotten. words lose tongues
and hands, painlessly, but extrinsic, unable to testify. no testimony, no
annihilation; successful annihilation is no annihilation at all. memory
relies on death, diacritical-death, as if something were amiss. tongues
and hands are painful; Second Life, airless, disappears among them. Waking
this morning I realized this work is unbelievably flimsy, fragile, entire-
ly disappearing at the end of the residency - a radical disassembly that
hardly passes for erasure - given that nothing existed here in the first
place. This absence becomes an unreadable epitaph under erasure. These
words, too owe their existence to the imminence of electrical charges far
and beyond that of paper, stone, scissors, rock. So it goes and doesn't

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