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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Feb 4 09:04:07 CET 2008


Why, Hello Julu! And so good to hear from you! Yes, this is a theme that
has occupe ied me for days and days , most of them recent. For example,
what were "electrical recreations" and more to the point, what might one
say about the relative simplicity of the apparatus used for them?? Metal,
the material world, puckers and withdraws, all is spheres and spikes. Ah
but conditions or situations, environem ments, material ecologies, the
very splay of the real? In such a fashion
  metal declares itself.Yes, and how you have filled out these many years,
lovely Julu! Thus de uring the era of steam-engines and diplex telegraphy
- and one must remember that the most of the nineteenth century ran on
batteries, not electrical outlets - during this era, electrostatic
generators were constructed of nothing more than rods, circular plates,
god knows what else...The illustrations of the time for the most part
indicated what? Young women, such as ourselves, in touch with metal,
standing on stools with glass legs, carefully applying dischargers with
rubberized handles, it was as if the real were out of contrl---Or Until,
dearest Julu, one mght speak of that sudden discharge, the orgams sm, the
sudden exaltation of teh he spirit, for we might have concluded then, that
spirit itself were inhabiting the world, a kind of ectoplasm of the
metallic. Matter spoke and no one listened.However (as our words and arms
entwine), it's as if there were a surplus that couldn't be contained - the
experiment of electrocuting the dog for example, or creating the semblance
of hydrogen/oxygen explosion. Which surely is why the models were young
women , with the demonstrator male, the demonstration of the male,
dis/splay. , which is why we are torn together as one, sundered together,
across electronic ab barriers,

which surely are the remnants of those electrostatics, those "electrical
recreations" as we would have them ourselves...

--------------------------------= talk =--------------------------------

Hello Nikuko and you are how? I have been very busy, reading about the
electrical apparatus, electrostatics and dynamic electricity, from the
late eighteenth century, perhaps early to mid-ninteenth century. To be
sure, what a mix of worlds here, electrical theatrics, young men leading
young women into circular frenzy, controlled, I do forget how beautiful
you are, your wet skin, tissue against mine, minds blurred, the
discharges, phenomena Dionysian, the apparatus Apollonian - cleansed,
purified, perfected, holding charge back -I remembver your orgasms, your
body against mine, matter speaking and no one listening for that matter:
the audibility of the world was all bound up in the visible, even the
electrostatic parlor tricks resulted in sounds and sights, the ontology of
what was taken for granted as real. This isn't science, this is the
ikonic; we might as well leave the indexical far behind. There are no
pointers, no measurements, with all of these phenomena, just phenomena
themselves, as if the world were talking, but talking mutely, drenched in
our passion, against our skins and minds.Which perhaps the young women
chose to ignore; I'd imagine they'd choose to ignore it, and which is why

yes, as we would have them, and have us, and have at them and ourselves...


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