[NetBehaviour] [CC] More on mid-19th century notions of static and dynamic electrical fluid

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Feb 6 01:23:52 CET 2008

More on mid-19th century notions of static and dynamic electrical fluid

Electrostaticks ii


Now, Nikuko, we are ready to begin. We left off with puckered and warped
matter; I'd say that matter in that configuration is ikonic, that is,
mute, that is, relegated to itself, to its own inertness, of which the
fluidic, austral and boreal, is but inhering and ontological. Think of
this as electrostatics.

And how so indexical? Pointing to what attribute, if not the beauty of
your eyes, Julu? I fail to comprehend, I falter, tremble.The caress is
dynamic - no, fucking is dynamic, the caress is static; the caress is an
ontological assembly of one more more representatives of organic, emanent,
or machinic phyla.

There is such difference between on one hand the telegraph and on the
other the sphere or point or line, whatever plays among ludic electro-
statics, which are theatrical, of and for an audience, social.

Yes, it brings disease to the closed surfaces of the real, and things seep
within. Dynamic electricity requires grease, oil, sweat; statical
electricks require nothing more than the light touch of a beautiful girl's

Your mouth is mine!


And then, Julu, there is the Other, dynamic electricity, which is of
motion, measurement, gauge, and transport; electrons move in complete
circuits, surround and are surrounded by fields, mutual inductances; such
would be indexical.

Indexical by virtue of pointing elsewhere, the electrick a guide or guided
or channeled. In the dynamic there is a split and motion is regulated, as
it is not among the electrostatics, within which it is sudden, of a
moment, orgasm.

You put it perfectly, as your eyes wander, Julu, but there is more. For
the transport of electrons clouds the very nature of substance itself, for
of what atoms are they composed, and what of the flow? I would say that
this is a materialism imbued with spirit, and this is why ectoplasm and
other fluids, for example magnetic, make sense.

And don't forget the most important point, perhaps, that electrostatics
ride the surfaces of objects, they are sheave-skin; dynamic electricity
rides internally through wires and cable (although towards the outermost
layer of these as well). What is dynamic occurs in a potential well, is
hidden; what is static occurs on a vulnerable surface, always discharging,
on the verge of collapse - the defuge of the material world.

Then again or once upon, the defuge of the material world is, is it not,
the exhaustion of internal mechanism, the closed wall? Or the corrosion of
batteries and wires?

Where, and what of these? But I would say that the defuge of the material
world, and one need only look at the images, photographs and engravings,
is ectoplasm itself.

Ectoplasm remains mute, is mute, but is always slightly abject, dirty,
covered with saliva, spit, and so forth. It brings disease.

Your mouth is mine!




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