[NetBehaviour] nonsense, it's just

james jwm-art net james at jwm-art.net
Fri Feb 15 03:15:33 CET 2008

aghhhh, i'm being stupid again. i'm full of nonsense, it's just me.

i'm in the nonsense mood. no feeling, just recollection of it. writing
writing writing writing forever spewing it out because because because i
i i i i i i i i i i i. i am spewing to put off saying what i might want
to say shit bugger fuck it. peaaaaaooowww. i'm rubbish that's what
i'm saying to myself only. i'm rubbish i collect rubbish i am rubbish
rubbish rubbish and it will never ever stop because i'm rubbish rubbish
rubbish, a prick. fuck me. fuck me off. do it do it do it.

that's not what i want. i'm fucked fucked fucked. fucked. loser. loser.
that's me me me me ii ii i i i i i i. fuck i. i hate i, me, i hate me,
me me me me hates i. i i i . i am trying to work things out by writing.
i try try try try try try try try until i think i might cry but no i
don't, but it might happen if i keep doing this try try try try try
modify i modify i try modify i try modify i modify try i modify i try
until i might cry like last time but times change and i try change and
changed but not change tried.

shattered the dreams of try try try modify i shattered the dreams of i
try modify i dream try awake dream try modify i shy shied cried try shy
shy i modify eye dream eyes eye walk on eyes and try i shy fly not fly
died not die nor dead nor died or tried never tried sometimes cried once
was shattered dry eye cried dry crocadial tie dye spy fossilene night
bright orange light rusty table shattered dreams isometric thought
paranoia dialetic meaning if i knew what that meant radio controlled
brainwaves and back back attack panic anxiety dri DRI dry dry dry.

back back back a earlier in my life oak beams flint walls and counting or
watching the pattern of dots on ceilings the dots were really there but
forward forward around the time of reverse dreaming dreams rewind and
play around that time i cry shy fly and want to be abducted by aliens.

now my unstopable-writing-forever is over.
for now until next time, goodbye.

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