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Turbulence Commission: "Invisible Influenced" by Will Pappenheimer and Chipp

"Invisible Influenced" is a Rorschach test for envisioning the US as the
recipient rather than the cause of worldwide events. Contrary to the notion
of impervious superpower, the artwork projects the emerging perception that
the country is vulnerable to foreign conditions of climate, public opinion,
economics and a variety of social institutions. Shape reads, in this case,
as the confluence of intercontinental subconscious activity, which is in the
process of becoming visible. 

The work also operates metaphorically through the concept of the "butterfly
effect" from chaos theory. Small changes to nonlinear dynamical systems can
produce large long term transformational phenomena. The beating of a
butterfly's wings in the Kurile Islands causes a hurricane over Florida. The
site displays a simple map silhouette of the country with pull-down menus
for a number of searchable real-time categories of influence. Users select
from foreign sources of news, weather conditions, health conditions, stock
indexes, and blogs. Informational sources are chosen for their seeming
"distance" from the US daily experience.

Qualitative and quantitative indices found in global internet texts and
databases are translated into up to four directional vector "magnitude"
forces surrounding the continent. The US map silhouette then responds and
distorts according to elastic physics properties programmed to its
perimeter. The right-hand selection panel displays menu choices and the
source information, text and imagery being retrieved. There are two modes
for operation, a default "test" mode that allows the forces to act for a
limited period of time, generating a finished image test and an alternate
"drift" mode allowing the map to continue to transform until the program is

"Invisible Influenced" is a 2007 commission of New Radio and Performing
Arts, Inc., (aka Ether-Ore) for its Turbulence web site. It was made
possible with funding from the Jerome Foundation.


WILL PAPPENHEIMER is an artist working in new media, installation and
multi-media. His projects utilize home surveillance networks, participatory
media and information aesthetics. He has exhibited in numerous national and
international exhibitions including the ICA Boston, Exit Art, FILE 2005, Sao
Paulo, ISEA 2006/ZeroOne, San Jose Museum of Art, Florence Lynch Gallery and
Postmasters Galleries, New York, Cabaret Voltaire and Kunstraum Walcheturm,
Zurich and the Museum Fine Arts, Boston. His work received a half page photo
citation in the New York Times at Art Basel Miami 2003 and a chapter of
Gregory Ulmer's theoretical book, "Electronic Monuments." Current projects
include commissions from Turbulence.org, Rhizome.org and the Tampa Lights
program for the Super Bowl 2009.

CHIPP JANSEN'S interests currently lie at various intersections of Art,
Computer Science, and Geography. Artistically, his work is based on food
production performance, cable network news subversion, and cartographic
advocacy. His work in "CNNPlusPlus" was exhibited at ISEA 2006/ZeroOne, San
Jose Museum of Art. With an interdisciplinary programming culture focus,
Chipp has taught in the schools of Computer Science, Art and Architecture at
the University of Michigan, Brooklyn College, City College, and at the Pratt
Institute. Currently he is also pursuing a Master's degree in Geography at
Hunter College - CUNY with a focus on new media in cartography, and
transportation geography. He is also a research member of Bu-Con, working on
infrastructural solutions for the after-future and exhibits with them

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