[NetBehaviour] Why Linux Doesn't Spread - the Curse of Being Free.

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Tue Feb 19 09:58:26 CET 2008

Why Linux Doesn't Spread - the Curse of Being Free.

Why Linux hasn't grown to challenge Windows as the most popular 
operating system? According to the author, the reason is simple; Linux 
is free, and humans tend not to equate free things with being valuable. 
"Here's what Compy McNewb sees. He can get both OS's for free. But one 
of them is worth over
three hundred dollars, while the other one is worth nothing. 'That's not 
true!' I hear you scream. 'Linux is worth a lot! It's just being offered 
for free!' I know it's not true that Linux is worth less than Windows. 
It's far more valuable to the end user in terms of getting things done. 
But that's not what Average Joe Computer Newbie sees. He sees a free 
product versus a three-hundred-dollar product he can get free. It's all 
about the perception!"


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