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Furtherfield Blog - Recent Posts of Interest on Media Art Practice and 

The Furtherfield Blog is a shared space for personal reflections on 
Media Art practice: making it, curating it, translating it.

Here is a selection of recent Blog entries below,
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Like a flashy little sports car (reflections, part 2). By Aileen Derieg.
The first "women and tech" meeting I ever went to was a weekend workshop 
in Berlin that was organized by a group of university women there. I 
read their announcement on the first mailing list I was ever subscribed 
to, replied that I was interested, and got on a train to Berlin. This 
was a long time ago, when mailing lists were still new and the effects 
relatively unexpected: every time I opened my mouth, the first response 
was invariably a surprised, "You're from Austria, how did you get here?" 
At the time, however, the workshop was just what I was looking for.
Permlink - http://blog.furtherfield.org/?q=node/195

Create/Debate. By Mark Hancock.
I was recently at an unworkshop at the Institute Of Creative Technology, 
DeMontfort Uni (I'm also dong my phd there, part time). Amongst the 
attendees were Martin Reiser, Jess Laccetti and others, including Prof 
Sue Thomas, mine and Jess's supervisor. We were trying to tackle the 
subject of transliteracy (the ability to think and work across multiple 
platforms, from orality to new media objects). and to understand fully 
what it means to do so. The above may sound like a simplified version of 
what we all do anyway, particularly anyone who comes to Furtherfield on 
a regular basis, but it has certain depths and paradigms in it, that are 
still under exploration and being explored: with one paper already 
having being published on First Mondays' website.

Pronouns and the power of definition. By Aileen Derieg.
Technically, a pronoun is just a placeholder, a small, seemingly 
unimportant word that substitutes for a noun. Sometimes, though, the 
power of pronouns to define what is perceived as reality can be troubling.
Permlink - http://blog.furtherfield.org/?q=node/197

Australia says sorry. By Helen Varley Jamieson.
I'm in sydney this week with my grandmother, and this morning we got up 
early to watch The Apology broadcast live on TV. former prime minister 
of australia john howard refused for 11 years to say sorry to the 
indigenous people of this country, but kevin rudd has only been prime 
minister for 11 weeks and he's prioritised this significant act for the 
first day of the new parliament.

More Info:
This multi-blog is a place to intuitively explore media arts practice, 
together, as it occurs, to develop understanding and to learn, without 
any pressure to formulate complete arguments or to come up with answers. 
The blog was set up in Autumn 2006, initially as a place for informal, 
day to day exchange between members of the Furtherfield.org team, 
including editors/reviewers. The team discovered that this format suited 
some people more than others and are now open to new contributors. The 
Furtherfield blog is not intended as a platform to promote particular 
projects. Instead bloggers explore their own perspectives on their own 
terms; personal thoughts, emotional responses and critical intentions 
that are rarely publicly discussed elsewhere in such detail.

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