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mICROPOLITICS / DRIFT with Brian Holmes
FEBRUARY 26 and MARCH 8/9, 2008

Hello everyone,

As part of our ongoing enquiry, the Micropolitics Research Group at
Goldsmiths has invited cultural theorist Brian Holmes to accompany us
on a mobile extra-disciplinary investigation of conditions of
precarity, flexibility and cultural production in London. The event is
divided into three parts:

Preparing for the Drift
TUESDAY Feb 26, 6-8 pm
Goldsmiths College
Richard Hoggart (Main) Building, room 141

SATURDAY March 8, 10:30-6
DRIFT: A London Cultural Workers' Inquiry
Starts Richard Hoggart (Main) Building, room 142

SUNDAY March 9, 1-4
AFTER DRIFT: What will we do with our research?
Richard Hoggart (Main) Building, room 142

Preparing for the Drift
TUESDAY Feb 26, 6-8 pm
Goldsmiths College
Richard Hoggart (Main) Building, room 141

At this seminar we will discuss some key texts and discuss our route
through cultural worksites. We'll read the following:

1. Liar's Poker, a key text by Brian written a couple of years ago
that flags up some of the problems artists run into when they attempt
to engage in radical projects within the 'art frame'.


2. Marta Malo de Molina's text, Common Notions, Part 2: Institutional
Analysis, Participatory Action-Research, Militant Research from the
recent Transform issue on Instituent Practices gives us another set of
genealogies through which to consider how we might think about our
drift through London as something beyond the production of an 'art


3.Marx's 1880 A Workers' Inquiry
an early form of militant research which might help us to focus our
attention on the analysis of cultural work we hope to undertake on the


Part II
THE DRIFT: A Cultural Workers' Inquiry
Starting at Goldsmiths College
Rm 142 Richard Hoggart (Main) Building

Over the course of day, we will engage in what Brian Holmes calls an
'extradisciplinary investigation', walking to sites of culture and
knowledge production in London, exploring the ways in which people
experience flexibility, precarity and possible futures in relation to
the paradigms of cultural production. At each stop, invited guests
will be asked to share thoughts and anecdotes outlining the
contradictions, affects and critical tactics produced within their own
experiences of their workplaces.

Extradisciplinary Investigations

Our point of departure is Brian's assertion that:
'…cultural producers today, are humiliated by the conditions under
which we work'

Our end point:
A pub (location tba)

Practically speaking, we will begin at:
10:30 a.m. , Goldsmiths College (Rm 142 Richard Hoggart Building)

The route includes a stop at the 56a social centre, Gasworks Gallery,
The Ideas Store, various spaces in Shoreditch, and if there is time
we'll head to the edge of the Olympic site.

We'd prefer for folks to attend the entire day.
If this is not possible for you and you would like to join us along
the way, call
0778 233 9529 or 0794 628 1841.

Part III
Seminar with Brian Holmes
1-4 pm
Goldsmiths College,
Rm 142 Richard Hoggart (Main) Building

Brian will open the discussion by talking about the ambiguity experienced
by contemporary cultural producers in relationship to the flexible economy
and the stories told on the drift. Referring to Brian's text on
Extradisciplinary Investigations and Saturday's events, we will begin to
generate an analysis and imagine next steps for the investigation.


All are welcome!

Micropolitics Research Group

Brian's visit to Goldsmiths has been supported by mICROPOLITICS, the
Centre for Cultural Studies and the Department of Media and

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