[NetBehaviour] ^on N iter++ing datableed :begin

james jwm-art net james at jwm-art.net
Fri Feb 22 03:09:23 CET 2008

{boy-lin*g day tar NAN m)/i(/ bray nnnnnnnnn
wot nah pay nnnnnn
day ter day ter
day terse day terse
day ta day
boiling boyuling dueling pain >>>M$WingDohs<<< in mah brayieen
blng dta nm brn wta pn
} http://www.jwm-art.net/o7.php?p=tardotgz

star star dot dot wotnot star dot star way *.txt dot car dot be zzzzzzz
ha ha !! == haha *.* | dar cot flar,far,spar {
     => tussle >= flustered /* colonel custad */
} ?> #cussed

#if not hash bling bash
#slef def chav drot **char const hiwos hearwoes clear drovez, cuz they

#if!cash !bling but bash dedhed dotstarred dot urgency wurk||
#if_hell_def pre-care-EEE@ #deFINE < pay[nhs::band1] && al_pay
lessthanthattoo @ mange-enC++sez diss-C++cretion
#despine(||sine  >>>)nen new nar[vvvv_luk key [bwaaaaad]bwoy] ni oi ni oi

[[[cardboard 2b flattened and placed in cardboard skip under lock and

[[[ """"""this place wont let us take the wheelchairs out to africa
because they say it's health and safety [[[boingboing init]]] med
[[ici]] way  [[spfy zzzz errrrrummm] hiya kal, 3.14-a-calSEE um ear dar

..!==e-lip sies...

.."""...this place...""" ...""" it's health and safety init...
but how is someone living in the thirdworld - africa - who[se||'s] so
poor that they need to be given wheel chairs[?] that WE throw away...
how's they gonna sue US eh? eh?

bioylin daygtuh brng moh broim whommppphhht nuuuuhhhh ppppffffhhhnnnnbnnm,

qui wii WII www * The Way ~

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