[NetBehaviour] Fwd: Invitation to the Eclectic Tech Carnival in May.

Helen Varley Jamieson helen at creative-catalyst.com
Wed Feb 27 00:20:51 CET 2008

>Inviting All Women
>The seventh Eclectic Tech Carnival will be held from Sunday the 25th until
>Saturday the 31st of May in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
>The /ETC is a unique tech skill-share that has been held annually since
>2002. The emphasis has always been women sharing their experiences,
>knowledge and skills around free software, open hardware and universal
>interoperability of systems in a fun way.
>We are calling all women who are interested in the Eclectic Tech Carnival
>to register via the following form:
>Registration closes at 23:59 on 1 April 2008.
>Participate! Whether you want to follow the content of the event or
>whether you want to present a workshop, lecture, performance, playlab,
>intervention, exhibition, you name it (to a certain degree) at the /ETC
>you're welcome.
>In addition to the skill-share program, this year the Eclectic Tech
>Carnival will be focusing on a number of specific political issues: the
>"life cycle" of hardware - from mining, to labour practices in the
>manufacturing industry, to waste management. In addition we will explore
>why there seems to be so little public interest in Privacy, or lack of, on
>the Net. And what can we learn from the Creative Commons movement?
>The participation fee of /ETC 2008 is as follows:
>For all seven days: a sliding scale of 30/60/120 Euros (at your own
>Per single day: 6 Euros.
>The evenings will be open to the public and free of charge.
>Our graded, scaled fee system aims to take into account that women are
>from varying contexts. This includes income, country of origin and
>personal priorities.
>The registration fee is collected from all participants, contributors and
>organisers. It covers, among other things, vegan food for all.
>We cannot accept payment on-line so please be prepared to pay cash, in
>Euros when you arrive.
>We have reserved a limited number of beds in a Youth Hostel, which will be
>filled on a first come, first served basis. If there are more people in
>need of accommodation, we will do our best to find a bed among our friends
>and acquaintances in Amsterdam.
>There is a discreet amount of money for those who need a travel grant.
>Please keep in mind that we do not reimburse flights but only [cheap] 2nd
>class train or bus tickets. One condition is that you need to register
>before April 1st 2008. We will look at each request individually.
>Please feel free to contact us at any time starting immediately.
>C o n t a c t :
>info2008 at eclectictechcarnival.org
>The /ETC 2008 is organized by the Genderchangers and EYFA.
>Etc-int mailing list
>Etc-int at eclectictechcarnival.org


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