[NetBehaviour] Upcoming IOCT Salons: Andy Campbell/Dreaming Methods (31/1/2008) and Dr Toni Sant (28/2/2008).

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Upcoming IOCT Salons: Andy Campbell/Dreaming Methods (31/1/2008) and Dr 
Toni Sant (28/2/2008).


at the Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University, 
Leicester, UK (see http://www.ioctsalon.com/directions.htm for map and 

These events are free of charge and open to the public.


Andy Campbell: Dreaming Methods - Digital Fiction

Thursday 31st January 2008, 6.00pm - 7.15pm (doors open at 5.30pm for 

Download the flyer for this event - 


Since the 1990's Andy Campbell has experimented with the possibilities 
of writing fiction for the computer screen and, although most people 
still consider fiction something they'd read from a book, an explosion 
of blogs, online journals, text-based "web art" projects and the 
introduction of electronic portable reading devices has generated a new 
wave of mashed up narrative experiments and intrigued (often confused) 

Andy Campbell's website Dreaming Methods combines fictional narratives 
with other media such as film, photography, animation and music. The 
results are highly challenging but compelling reading experiences that 
explore dream inspired states, the subconscious and the deterioration of 
memory. Projects are often visually haunting and atmospherically 
immersive where the text itself floats, mutates and gets entangled with 
motion graphics creating powerful 'scenes' throughout the 'story'.

Experience recent Dreaming Methods projects on a big screen, including a 
preview of a new project "Clearance", an apocalyptic digital fiction 
created by Andy Campbell and film-maker Judi Alston, The talk will 
include discussion around the possibilities of new forms of electronic 
narratives - from full-blown cinematic multimedia to exciting new e-book 

About Andy:

Andy Campbell is a writer and web artist. His online journal Dreaming 
Methods experiments with the possibilities of merging narratives with 
other media and has been described by the Times Educational Supplement 
as "one of the most impressive purveyors of the new art of internet 

As a performance writer Andy has presented his work at venues such as 
the Ikley Literature Festival, The Wardrobe (Leeds) and The Poetry 
Project (New York). He has been working in the digital/literature world 
since 1993 and has developed multimedia interfaces and web applications 
for a wide range of clients in different sectors of the arts, including 
in literature: The Man Booker Prize, Edinburgh International Book 
Festival, the National Association for Literature Development, The 
Poetry Book Society and Opening the Book Ltd.

Andy regularly designs book covers and print publicity material for new 
fiction titles and has collaborated on a variety of digital fiction 
projects with other artists including film-maker Judi Alston, novelist 
Martyn Bedford and poet Maya Chowdhry.

Andy is Co-Director of One to One Productions Ltd, an innovative arts 
organisation undertaking multimedia commissions, who specialise in 
producing and facilitating creative media projects with organisations, 
groups and individuals both in the UK and overseas.





Toni Sant - 'A Second Life for Online Performance History'

Thursday 28th February 2008, 6.00pm - 7.15pm (doors open at 5.30pm for 

This event takes place as part of cultural eXchanges ( 
http://www.dmu.ac.uk/culturalexchanges/ ), an annual event hosted by the 
Faculty of Humanities at De Montfort University. The week long programme 
includes lectures, performances, debates, presentations and readings 
from a diverse body of artists, academics, practioners and those working 
in the cultural industries. Previous guests have included Janet 
Street-Porter, Alastair Campbell, Andrew Davies, Corin Redgrave, Matthew 
Sweeney, Jenny Colgan, Sue Mcgregor, Roy Hattersley, Tony Hawks, 
Germaine Greer, Jackie Kay and Colin Dexter.


Toni Sant is exploring the 3-D online virtual environment called Second 
Life as a venue for performance by looking at examples of theatre groups 
performing online within Second Life. In addition to activities 
presented as theatre he is also observing broader performance activities 
within this online space. Additionally, this project involves an attempt 
to use Second Life as a pedagogical tool for generating an archive of 
work related to a history of performance on the Internet by relating it 
to previous work on other online virtual environments, such as IRC, 
MUDs, MOOs, and 2-D graphic chat networks like The Palace. Presently, 
the work revolves around a planned Second Life production of 
Shakespeare's Hamlet in one of three simulations of The Globe in this 
popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game.


Toni Sant is Lecturer in Performance and Creative Technologies at the 
University of Hull's School of Arts and New Media on the Scarborough 
Campus. Since 1998 he has served as executive editor for the Applied and 
Interactive Theatre Guide. His writing has appeared in TDR: The Drama 
Review, Leonardo, the Encyclopedia of Politics, the Dictionary of 
Literary Biography, and other scholarly publications, as well as in the 
popular press in New York and Malta. He is currently writing a book 
called A History of the Future: Franklin Furnace & the Spirit of the 
Avant-Garde. His blog and weekly podcast are available at 
http://www.tonisant.com and he can be found on Second Life as Not Merlin.


Dr Toni Sant - http://www.tonisant.com

Second Life - http://www.secondlife.com

cultural eXchanges - http://www.dmu.ac.uk/culturalexchanges/


The IOCT Salon ( http://www.ioctsalon.com ) is managed by Chris Joseph ( 
http://www.chrisjoseph.org ), Digital Writer in Residence at the 
Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University. This 
residency is funded by Arts Council England: East Midlands.

For further information about the IOCT Salon please email Chris: info 
/at/ ioctsalon.com . To be notified of future events please join the 
mailing list on the Salon website.

The IOCT Salon is held at and staged by De Montfort University and the 
Insitute of Creative Technologies, and is supported by Arts Council 
England and the Literature Development Network.

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