[NetBehaviour] Come join me on netbehaviour…

Netbehaviour marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Fri Jan 11 14:11:02 CET 2008

Come join me on netbehaviour!

Hi all Netbehaviourists,

As an experiment - we have set up an account with Ning for everyone on the Netbehaviour list. All are welcome to join. Not just that, anyone can upload and add music, movies, images and create their own forums and discussions as part of the network. Just think of Facebook, but as a more specific and directed community.

Please join and share with us in trying out this online social networking tool. If it is a success, we could even move netbehaviour over to it, but obviously this is up for discussion.

So, give it a go. Play with it and let's see what happens.

wishing everyone well.


Click here to join:


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